Monday, February 4, 2008

Don't worry, be happy......

There seem to be some times when taking on the "island motto" could do more than give you a chuckle during the day. It might very well keep you from being arrested.

On January 24 2008, Waterbury resident Arthur Rivet Jr, 30, had a bit of difficulty on Interstate 84 in Hartford CT. He felt that a trucker sharing the road with him evidently slighted him in some significant way. Rivet reportedly wouldn't allow the truck to pass him and then slowed his vehicle down so that he could throw bottles at the trucker.

There are some who would think that Rivet could have just chosen to calm down, put on some soothing music and took a few hits off his favorite weed and it all would have just drifted on by him. Rivet himself may now think that it would have been a good choice as well, since it seems that he wouldn't have had to go too far for the pot.

Police found a half pound of marijuana in his car when they pulled him over after the incident. He has been charged with possession along with several other charges. And to think......... he could have just sat the day out in a purple haze and avioded all the drama.

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