Friday, February 15, 2008

Peek-a-boo..... what the .....?

"I was in bed laying with my girl (and) I heard something rumbling underneath my bed. I thought it was my dog." stated Jeremy Lynn.

Jeremy stated that he did the next logical thing in his Greensboro NC home, he looked under the bed. He expected to see his dog looking back at him but instead, he saw eyes staring back at him that he didn't recognise. He added that he realized it was another man hiding under there and he proceeded to drag him out, sling him around, uppercut him and beat him.

Eventually the police were called and they arrested Donei Zabedra-Ilario, 20 and probably prevented him from receiving a more severe beating. Lynn stated that when he pulled Donei out from under his bed, his pants were undone the "whole nine yards."

Zabedra-Ilario told the police that this was the first time he had broken into a home, in hopes of seeing a woman naked but it wasn't the first time he had peeped. He has confessed to peeping into eight other homes in Greensboro and he is considered a suspect in a string of cases involving homes along Merritt Dr, Creek Ridge Rd and West Florida St. He is also suspected of spying on women in a Wal-Mart bathroom on Wendover Ave.

Jeremy Lynn ended his short career in the apartment along Pineland St, which according to police, was a good thing, since Donei had stated that he had planned on hiding there through the whole night. The police are in the process of notifying the other victims and they expect that more charges will be made against Donei.

One has to wonder though, with all the porn that is readily available......... what would make someone think that hiding in an apartment for a peek, was a bright thing? For a few dollars, he could have had one lap dance for him probably.

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