Thursday, February 7, 2008

One stop shopping

On Thursday, January 17, John Tacinelli proved that trying to offer his customers "peace of mind" and save them the hassle of running around, wasn't the best of ideas. The 56 year-old Plainville resident and insurance agent had been combining two forms of "peace of mind" it seems.

Tacinelli was arrested after investigators found several bags of marijuana in his car. They soon discovered that not only was he selling the pot out of his home, but he had been selling it out of his insurance office as well. He has been charged with intent to sell, possession and various other charges.

I guess that I was buying my insurance from the wrong office all these years......... I could have been relaxing with the peace of mind that i was covered for any kind of accident and covered for the next time i wanted to just "chill."

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