Saturday, February 2, 2008

It was a drive-thru?

Tanya Coccia recently discovered that driving near a beef farm in the Boston MA area can lead to strange things. The aftermath of her drive-thru encounter was even stranger though.

It seems that two of the cattle had wandered loose from the nearby farm and gotten onto the road. That is where Tanya and her 14 year-old daughter "encountered" them with her car.

"It was alive and kicking and trying to right itself," stated

When emergency crews arrived they found that they had to euthanize one of the cows but the second wasn't seriously injured. It had landed in the back seat of Coccia's car after it crashed through the rear window. To make the return to the farm a bit easier for all involved...... they towed her car, with the cow still in it, back to the farm.

I would guess then, that when they state, drive on up and get you quarter pounder, they don't usually mean the whole burger, on the hoof.

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