Monday, February 18, 2008

That guy Bob.....

They held a Valentine's Day recommitment service in Grove City OH at the Grove City Methodist Church. Sheila Smith had thought that she would serve only as the matron of honor for four of her friend's there.

It seems that even though she had wanted to participate, her husband Bob had to go away on business and that left only one half of the couple. With the help of her friend's though, Sheila was able to be one of the 19 couple's who recommited their relationships.

Her friends surprized her by bringing Blow-up Bob, a life-size inflatable doll. They dressed in a shirt, tie and dress pants and added the "sweet" touch of taping a headshot of the real Bob Smith to the doll's head. Sheila had to call her husband to tell him about his air-filled alter ego and between wiping tears, told her friends that Bob was laughing so hard at their effort that he was speechless.

Sometimes friends have a way it seems, of finding the one thing that will mean so much to someone they care about................ even if it isn't the most serious of gifts.

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