Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bait & switch

The bait it seems was set out on craigslist.com recently. The switch came when the buyers showed up to hand over their payment and take their new purchase home.

The newest bait seems to be Porsche's that are advertised as being for sale on craigslist. The latest victims made a deal to purchase a 2002 Porsche that was listed for $44,000. They were told to bring $22,000 in cash when they went to Baldwin LI to pick up the car.

Nassau County Police Dectective Lt Karl Schoepp stated that when the victims arrived a group of five men, one with a gun, beat the two victims. They surrendered only $50 though in the attack before getting away. Police added that a Pennsylvania couple was assaulted in a similar fashion last month. That couple had driven to Freeport to finish a deal on a Porsche as well that they had spotted on craigslist.

It would seem that the same old scams have been given new life with the help of online shopping.

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