Friday, December 7, 2007

Just grab the gal

The co-owner of the Naughtie Novelties store at 6011 Highway 51 in Madison WI reported a break-in on November 10 2007. Police used the surveillance tapes to observe a large man get out of a distinctive General Motors car, smash through a front door, grab some items and drive off.

About 10 days later, a Dane County Sheriff's Office detective noticed a car with similar distinctive features parked behind the Truckers Inn at 6162 Highway 51. They stopped the car that was missing a hubcap and had a taped-up front passenger window a short time later. The driver, Jose A Sandoval, 26, first denied committing the buglary but then began crying. He then told the detectives that the items he had stolen were hidden away and led them to an abandoned semi-trailer truck behind the Truckers Inn.

They found the items that were missing that included thong underwear, lotions and some sex dolls. Evidently, Sandoval managed to get himself a rather high class date as well. One of the dolls was a Linn Thomas talking love doll, shaped to look like the porn star of the same name. The $269.99, 5 foot-3 inch doll is described as not only being able to vibrate but she blurts out pre-recorded words of encouragement to the user.

I think that she may be the "perfect" woman as long as you keep her away from sharp objects.

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