Sunday, December 16, 2007

There was running water....

David Leggat, 55. recently got to put his survival course lessons into practice. His adventure began when he went to use the toilet at the Kittybrewster and Woodside Bowling Club in Aberdeen England. The adventure ended after four long, dark and cold days.

The unmarried bowler knew that he was trapped when the interior handle of the toilets jammed and the outer handle had fallen off. He also knew that he was in for a very long wait, since the club isn't used that much this time of year.

He stated that he hadn't brought anything to eat so he sipped cold water from the sink during the four days. He also remembered a tip from his survival course and said that he kept running a basin of hot water to soak his feet in. That wat he could heat his whole body during the long cold hours.

Cathy Scollay, the cleaner, heard his cries for help and contacted the club secretary, Bob Ewing, who came and set Leggat free with some quick screwdriver work. Leggat stated that he was fortunate to have a toilet there but he would have prefered being locked behind the bar for an ordeal like that.

The article didn't state what prompted Leggat to use the toilet there but it could be a fair punishment for letting the door shut on him, when he could see the outer handle was missing.

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