Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brush with stupidity

On July 14 2007, Andrew Ogden, 21 decided to show off in front of his friends. His antics may have thrilled him and his buddies but it caused an unsuspecting man to be traumatized enough to need to have a week off from work.

Ogden, from Astley Village, Chorley England, was captured on CCTV cameras at the Ryeland level crossing in Chorley. He decided to thrill his friends evidently by striking a pose on the tracks, in front of an oncoming train. His other three friends had continued to cross while Ogden stood in front of the Northern Rail 20.48 Manchester Airport to Blackpool service train bore down on him at 10 pm.

He jumped out of the way at the last possible moment as the train sped by at 50 mph. The driver of the train had no way of knowing that he had missed Ogden and had to continue working that night before he could take medical leave for a week. The film shows just how close Ogden was to getting hit by the train and has left the driver very visably upset.

Ogden was arrested and pleaded guilty to obstruction without intent and will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court January 7 2008. He has been released on unconditional bail pending that court date.

What may have seemed like a good scare for his buddies, left someone else traumatized and very narrowly missed tragedy. Playing chicken with a train though, one traveling at 50 mph, isn't the way to get that thrill maybe.

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