Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Her house, her rules.....

Justin T Veal, 18, stated that he always kept an eye on the clock so that he returned home before the 1:30 am curfew his mother had imposed on him. It seems though that the rules his mother raised him had much importance to him than some of the other rules out there.

Veal was jailed last week after being arrested in a liquor store holdup and now faces a felony robbery charge. He told Indianapolis IN police that he had robbed about a dozen businesses this year of approximately $10,000. Veal stated that he needed the money for gas, to buy jewelry, fix up his car and to keep up with everyone else. Even though he had just been hired for two jobs, he told officers that he was desperate for money.

It seems though that Veal did try and follow his mother's rules. Now only did he make sure that he returned home before his curfew, he also did not attempt any hold ups on Thanksgiving or on Sundays, when he went to church with his mother. Police added that while Veal was armed during his hold ups, no one was ever injured.

I am not sure that making his curfew will do anything to lessen his sentence but at least we can rest easily knowing that he does know how to follow some rules... a few years in jail may help improve his skills in following others possibly.

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