Saturday, December 15, 2007

Deck the parkway

The mystery began a bit before Thanksgiving this year and it continues to deepen. What had begun with a simple pair along the Garden State Parkway NJ has slowly expanded, as if elves have been working a bit of overtime.

It began with a pair of glass ornaments hung along the southbound side near the Pinelands. A shiny red ball the size of a canteloupe and a smaller oblong one with glitter swirls hung from the limbs of some large pines there. Whether the elves were busy or if that pair was a mated, breeding pair of bulbs isn't known but in the following weeks, more decorations have appeared.

There aren't any homes nearby that would lead on to think that is may the work of a nearby resident hanging them. By this monday though, the various, large bulbs have taken homes in the trees on the northbound side as well. The authorities believe that it is the work of someone who has a lot of holiday spirit but too much free time at night, since no one has admitted seeing who may have hung the ornaments.

They admit though, that it may be a frustrated husband whose's wife had said enough to the home decorations and he is now spreading his holiday cheer further from home. It doesn't seem to be much to worry about though, the ornaments are harmless and no one is hurt by what cheer they may spread. Myself though.......... I think there are many possibilities, from elves to the bulbs have found a safe nesting ground to maybe even is a nice mystery though.

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