Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not gift-wrapped

"It was the worst Christmas eve I ever had," stated Robert Schoff.

Schoff, 77, of Des Moines Iowa had what would seem to be the holiday evening that definately stunk. He began by working on a small house project that included digging a small hole near his septic tank. When he got it deep enough, all he had to do was reach in and dislodge a clog that was there.

That was when the 5 foot- 5 inch, 135 pound Schoff lost his balence and became wedged in the opening of the septic tank. Now that may seem to be enough of a rough spot in a "home fix-it" project but Schoff went a bit further, he couldn't free himself from the opening.

He screamed and yelled he stated, hoping that his wife Toni would hear him and be able to help him out of his bind. She did finally notice his kicking feet an hour later and ran out to try and pull him out. When she was unable to do that, she called 911 to have her husband rescued.

Two Polk County deputies arrived and yanked him out of the opening. As for Robert, he stated he is glad that his wife found him when she did, since he didn't think he could have survived there much longer. I would have to agree with almost all of that.... that had to be a Christmas eve that really stunk, though it didn't end up tragic......... just one more tale to add to the family history perhaps.

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I wonder if he'll try to claim that on homeowners.....

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