Monday, December 3, 2007

She's Precious

She is the third for Bai Yun and Gao Gao, the San Diego Zoo residents since 2003. After waiting the traditional 100 days, their newest baby panda was named Zhen Zhen, meaning Precious.

This particular pair of pandas, on loan from China, already have had Mei Sheng, her big brother, born in 2003, who was returned to China this year to finish growing up and become a part of their breeding program. In 2005, her big sister Su Lin was born to the prolific pair and she too will eventually be returned to China.

Zhen Zhen, who was born August 3 2007 is still kept away from public view with her mother but they can both be watched on the zoo cam. Their website also keeps continued updates as to her growth and developement... an online babybook.

These rare and loveable bears may be finally making headway in preventing extinction with the loan programs from China and the years of study and captive breeding of them. As sad as it may be for them to be returned to China, it is part of a program to ensure that they are kept as genetically diverse as possible and hopefully continue on for generations to enjoy.

For the zoo website, go here.

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