Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sweating yet?

Two of Michael Vick's co-defendents were sentenced today and I would hope that what they received has Vick beginning to sweat a little. For weeks it seemed until Vick finally made his plea deal, the sentences being tossed around were a mere 6 months to maybe a year in jail for him.

Quanis Phillips of Atlanta GA, was facing a recommended 18 to 24 months because of his more extensive criminal record and he received 21 months. Purnell Peace of Virginia Beach VA, had faced a recommended 12 to 18 months and he was sentenced to all 18 months.

The prosecutors had recomended that both be sentenced on the low end of the scale but U S District Judge Henry Hudson stated that the crimes were callous and cruel and sentenced both men on the high end of the recommendation.

Michael Vick has also pleaded guilty of all the charges but the ones that included gambling. According to the court papers, Vick had financed the Bad Newz Kennels entirely and had participated in killing several underperforming dogs. He entered custody on November 19 to begin serving his sentence early and will face Hudson on Dec 10 to learn his entire sentence. Tony Taylor of Hampton VA, will be sentenced on Dec 14.

I would expect that Vick will face much more than 12 months in jail, in view of what his co-defendents just received. The evidence showed that Vick bankrolled the entire operation and participated in it as well.......... it will be a bit difficult to try and paint himself as not having any knowledge of what he was financing on his property.

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Update: December 10

Michael Vick will apparently have a few months of "quiet-time" to contemplate how to resurrect his football career. He has been sentenced to 23 months behind bars for his guilty plea in bankrolling the dogfighting operation that was run out of his property.

While there many who felt that Vick would walk out of court with possibly a 6 month sentence, it has become more apparent in recent weeks that he wouldn't. Vick had faced up to 5 years in prison and the sentencing guidelines had suggested one year to 18 months for his guilty plea. U S District Judge Henry E Hudson has been known to be tough in his sentencing and the time two of Vick's co-consiprators just received should have made him start to sweat a bit.

Vick had managed to test positive for marijuana which was a violation of the terms of his release and he was then subjected to a curfew and electronic monitoring. He had insisted that he was innocent of any of the charges but he did suddenly change his plea after the other three arrested had pleaded guilty.

I would expect that Tony Taylor, schedualed to be sentenced on Friday, may walk out of court with the lightest sentence of the four. Sadly though, Vick only managed to grab a couple extra months of prison time over Philips..... even though he was the one who bankrolled the entire operation. All four of them still face charges state dogfighting charges in Virginia and the prosecution has stated that Vick seems to be a lot short on available cash ;ately. If Vick finds that he has no career after this is done, it is through no fault but his own.


JerseyAnne said...

I hope Judge Hudson gives him the maximum sentence allowed. The country is watching. Vick knew exactly what was going on and inflicting pain and cruelty to these dogs is beyond inexcusable.

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