Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eye for an eye.....

Many people may have had similar thoughts as to what a 32 year-old Gresham OR driver felt recently. It seems that the driver of a tow truck was a bit upset about a recent ticket he had received and felt that taking matters into his own hands would solve it.

Authorities stated that he hooked his tow truck to a marked police car that was responding to a domestic call and attempted to tow it away. They added that he did finally release the vehicle after another officer ordered him to but he then locked the doors of his truck and refused to cooperate.

He evidently was upset about the response that he had received because the truck driver then proceeded to call the police station from inside his truck. According to the police report, he was unsatisfied with the police response when he tried to tow a marked police cruiser.

The manager of the towing company was eventually brought out to the scene and managed to convince his employee to exit the truck and surrender. That driver is now under arrest on charges of unlawful use of a vehicle, interfering with a peace officer, criminal mischief and obstructing governmental administration.

It would seem that the idea of retribution, possibly formed over coffee and a donut, only led to a few more tickets to add to this drivers collection.

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