Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's certainly not a goldfish

This Sunday, December 9 2007, you have the opportunity to add to your room decor and it is a one of a kind that you won't find at IKEA. Bonhams & Butterfields in Los Angeles CA will be handling the sale and they expect to get approximately $400,000 for the centuries old piece.

The Bonhams catelog describes the Mosasaraus baugei as a swift and graceful predator that dined on mollusks, fish, turtles and shellfish. The 70 million year old, 30 foot long lizard ruled the oceans possessing a huge skull lined with sharp teeth almost a yard wide.

This three dimensional mounted skeleton of the mosasaur is in remarkable condition and one only a few that have ever been found. This particular fossil was found near a mining area of North Africa. The mosasaur or Meuse lizard was named after the Meuse River in Holland where the first of these mosasaurs was discovered in 1780.

The auction house has also suggested that you make special arrangements for transporting home your prize if you should win the bidding, which I guess means that you shouldn't think you'll slide it into the bed of your pickup truck for the drive home.

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