Monday, December 10, 2007

Beg, borrow or sue

One almost has to love the creativity that some New Yorkers have these days in finding the funds they think they need to live their daily lives. While most of us are toiling away at our regular jobs, struggling with the bills and trying to budget for those Christmas gifts we would love to purchase for loved ones, some people have found an alternative.

It seems that one of those families was spotted placing an ad in New York magazine, begging to receive the funds they feel they need to stay living where they wish to live. Now that may sound like a very common problem many in the city face without the benefit of rent control or a high paying job. This family though feels that begging in an advertisement for $1 million isn't such a bad thing.

Their ad states that they need help, in the form of $1 million in order to purchase an apartment on the Upper West Side. They add that they are a wonderful family that contributes to their UWS neighborhood and wants to remain there rather be forced to moved to the suburbs. They also mention that they can afford only $600-700K for that purchase, so anyone would understand their predicament.

They may well be a very nice family and contribute to the neighborhood but I find it difficult to understand how they could feel that their needing to go $400,000 over their budget is a worthy donation. If the $1 million were donated instead to an organization that provides help to the working families that are struggling to stay in their tiny apartment, pay the heat or electric bill, it would help many more , nice neighbors in the city. Many people are forced with choices in life and having the income to even think of affording something in the price range they state they can afford, gives them many choices as to where to live.

Last week, Zamfira Sfara, 48, filed suit to gain some of her former employer's millions. She claims that Leona Helmsley's dog Trouble, repeatedly mauled her in 2004 and she is seeking now a large part of the $12 million the dog inherited.

Trouble was whisked out of New York City NY this past fall to escape the death threats that were aimed at her when she was at Helmsley's Connecticut home. She evidently has been spotted enjoying the good life in Sarasota FL recently, a life that costs approximately $300,000 a year for upkeep and security.

Sfara filed suit against Trouble in 2005 and that suit was thrown out of court then. The millionare pup is expected to be back in New York in January for a high-security press conference about Helmsley's charitable trust. It may be then that officials get get a statement from Trouble in regards to Sfara's claims of being mauled.

It seems to me though, it is just another grab for some free money from someone who feels that a dog shouldn't have more money than them. Considering the size of the dog and what others who have been mauled by much larger dogs have recieved for settlements....... Sfara may only be looking at enough money to buy groceries for a week.

I am sure both these people feel that they are very deserving of the money but in comparison to what others in this country face each and every day................... they seem to be begging for "free" money and just forgetting to shake the cup in their hand when they do.


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