Friday, December 21, 2007

To heck with sending flowers.....

There still seems to be a few young men who don't believe in the "old fashioned" method of winning a girlfriend back. Unfortunately, they may have plenty of time to discover practical methods of saying their sorry in the near future.

James Walcott, 24, of Columbia CT, evidently felt that flowers and candy wouldn't do the trick for him when his girlfriend broke up with him. For some reason, he felt that breaking into her home, attacking her and her boyfriend and threatening to kill both of them would get her to realize that he needed her back. To top off his "romantic" attempt to win her back, he deliberately crashed his car into the new boyfriend's.

It's not too surprizing that he is now charged with a home invasion, multiple assault charges, the motor vehicle crash and a couple of death threat charges to round out his romantic attempt to win back his "fair maiden." It hadn't been reported if she fell for Walcott's strategy but I am willing to bet that it didn't convince her of anything other than getting as far away from him as she possibly can.

Mark Simmons, 21, of Enfield CT, seems to have taken note of some of Walcott's romance tips this past week. Rather than calmly discuss things or try to win her back with chocolate and flowers, Simmons allegedly threw a chair at her, punched through a mirror and threw shards of glass at her. He evidently felt that those things may not have been enough to convince her, so he threatened to slit her throat and drag her behind his truck.

She decided to leave in the face of what was very misguided "romance" and Simmons followed her in traffic until he could cut her off. He slowed his car to two miles an hour and then left his car to approach hers with clenched fists.

Not too surprizingly, Simmons may be able spend a bit of time trading dating tips in the future with Walcott.................. he now faces multiple felony charges and a protective order has been issued for his former, and I expect.... never to be again, girlfriend. Possibly, the schools may want to slip in a dating ettiquette class amongst all the other "specialty" classes they now offer?

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