Tuesday, December 4, 2007

They've all just "run off"

"I love too much my wife. Many things I am thinking....... I don't know why she is doing this. She has not called me," stated Kultar Goraya.

She isn't the young, blonde housewife but Rupinder, 34, was reportedly last seen on October 2 2007 and has been missing since. If you believe her husband Kultar, she has just "run off" in much the same way that Drew has claimed his fourth wife has.

Kultar and Rupinder have been married for five years, in an arranged marriage. They along with their 3 year-old handicapped son Sam, moved to Florida from India's Punjab state last year. Rupinder was participating in a nursing exchange program but was currently on leave from Southwestern Florida Regional Medical Center. She had recently had a hysterectomy performed after having a diagnosis of cancer.

In May 2007, Kultar had been arrested for allegedly choking his wife in a drunken rage. Police state that he had threatened to kill her but they later reconciled but Kultar admits, his marriage was shakey. Kultar has stated that he was asleep on the couch that day when she came in and kissed him on the forehead and told him she was flying from Orlando to New York to visit a hospital where she hoped to work.

Rupinder's cellphone calls and credit card activity all stop on that day and she missed a doctor's visit. Even after she didn't come home, Kultar didn't report her missing, her coworkers dod report her missing on October 19. Four days before they reported her missing, Kultar abandoned his job and took Sam back to his native India. He returned almost as quickly when his relatives there were angry with him when he couldn't explain where his wife was.

Kultar claims that his wife was having affairs with two different men and speculates that maybe she ran off with one of the men or she is with friends. He has been unable though, to provide credible names for the people he said she knew so well and the one phone number he produced was answered by a woman who claimed she didn't know Rupinder.

Friends and relatives do not believe Kultar's stories that she had run off. They don't believe that she would leave her son and they found personal items in the apartment that she would not have left behind. Detectives have stated that his stories changed significantly in the two times the interviewed him and even though they don't believe him, they have no grounds for arrest yet.

Neighbors and relatives of the couple have described a couple that didn't seem right. Rupinder is described as a sweet lady who was outgoing and friendly while Kultar was described as distant and unpredictable. None seems to believe that she would just run off and leave her son behind either.

The detectives fear the worst even though they have no solid evidence that she has met with foul play. Kultar is also their only "person of interest" in her disappearance, a disappearnce that looks suspicious to them.

I do wonder why her disappearance has not brought the national attention that Stacy Peterson's has. It certainly looks as if there is some special place that all of these women are running off to with the men their husbands state have "stolen" them away. I myself find it difficult to believe that these women would leave their children behind, especially after hearing how involved they were with them.

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