Monday, October 6, 2014

Bad Grammas, not the movie.......

On October 2 2014, the Pittsburg PA police received a call at around 10 pm from a worried mother.  She had been trying to reach her mother that evening and was not getting her on the phone.  The police were able to finally enter the Colwell St apartment after another relative at 1 am, brought an apartment key.

The police checked the apartment and found the woman's one year old child asleep on the couch but they did not find her mother.  Stacey Shannon, 51, had been babysitting her grandchild since Wednesday, finally arrived at the apartment fifteen minutes after the police had arrived.

Shannon told police that she had fed her grandchild soda and pizza earlier in the day and then had gone out.  She stated that she had been sitting on a wall on Fifth Ave with a male friend drinking but she couldn't remember how long she had been there.  She added that she had noticed the police lights and the activity around her apartment building.  It was when she saw the light on in the kitchen of her second floor apartment, she told her friend that "they must be here for me."  She was absolutely correct on that one.  The police contacted CYF and the child was returned to it's mother in McKees Rocks.  I am going to bet that she won't be babysitting for quite some time now.

The police in Oklahoma City OK arrested Geneva Robinson, 49, on September 30 2014 after employees at Griffin Memorial Hospital reported her to the police.  Robinson had brought her 7 year old granddaughter to the hospital and had asked for her to admitted because she could no longer control the girl.

The employees reported that the girl looked very thin and malnourished.  She also had cuts and bruises in her armpits, cuts and welts around her face and jawline, scarring on the back of her neck and the cuts around her ankle area were infected.  Her wrists also had bruises that may have come from being bound together.

The girl told an astounding tale as to how she came about the numerous injuries.  She told social service workers that Robinson would dress up like a witch to torture her, wearing a green mask, robe and hat while abusing her.  She added that Robinson would often take her out to the garage, bind her and make her sleep on a pair of jeans because she was in trouble.  The girl continued by describing how Robinson would hang her by her armpits in the garage with a dog leash and threaten her with statements that the creatures in the attic would get her.  Robinson was reported to have also burned her, used a whip on her, made her eat different meals separately and threatened her with a knife.

The police did find some evidence such as the whip and dog leashes in the garage and the witch costume in Robinson's bedroom.  They report that they believe that this does support the girl's story but others doubt it.  Several neighbors have stated that they do not believe the allegations are true.  They report that they know her and have seen the children numerous times and they looked happy and well.  One man who lived in the house stated that all four of the children who live there are troubled and added that Robinson never dressed up as a witch to punish the children.

All of the children have been removed from the home and placed in protective custody.  Robinson was arrested on a charge of child abuse and was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.  While the details sound sensational........ this is a case that will have to be investigated to find the truth to it.

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