Thursday, October 9, 2014

End of watch.........

"These K-9's become a part of the sheriff's office family," stated Commander Chuck Mulligan.

Deputies in St Augustine FL received a disturbance call near Twin Aspen Circle, near State Road 207 at about 3:20 am on Oct 7 2014.  Their suspect, Brandon Allison, 26, had fled the home and was being tracked by Deputy Farrah Ashe and Baron.  During their pursuit, they encountered a fence and Ashe lifted Baron over it but he bolted loose after Allison before she could get over the fence herself.

Baron could sense that Allison was close and was in hot pursuit before Ashe could grab his leash.  Ashe stated that she could hear a disturbance ahead of her in the woods and the sounds of a man yelling before it went quiet.  Ashe found Baron's leash and found him lying in the water near a swampy area.  Baron was unresponsive and Allison was no where to be found.  First responders gave baron CPR and he was rushed to a veterinarian but he did not survive.  The police believe that Allison drowned Baron in an effort to escape the search.

The police report that they were searching for Allison with multiple deputies and K-9 units after the death of Baron.  St John's County has almost 20 K-9 dogs and there was the possibility of Department of Corrections dogs being used as well in the manhunt.  Allison was wanted for a separate felony warrant and killing a police dog is a third degree felony.

The manhunt for Allison ended when he turned himself in on Oct 8 2014 in the afternoon.  He was charged with the sale of cocaine and police added that he may have other charges filed against him as well.  Allison remains in jail with a $100,000 bond at this time.

Baron was 2 1/2 years old and had only been working on the force for about a year and a half after completing about 1,100 hours of training.  There will be a funeral for him but arrangements have not been made as of yet.  The police have stated that the last police K-9 they had injured on the job was Hoss, who had been shot but not killed.  That occurred almost a decade ago.

There may be some who feel that Baron was only a dog but he was Ashe's partner and a part of the larger family of officers trying to do their job each and every day.  His loss is a loss for them all......... he gave everything he had for the job and he should be honored and remembered for that.

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