Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I was dressed like what?

Carrie Gipson, 37, was stopped around 2 am on Mosher Rd in Gorham ME on Oct 26 2014 for driving in the wrong lane.  She was dressed in a complete Hello Kitty costume and riding shotgun was a stuffed Hello Kitty doll.

The police suspected that she was driving under the influence but she refused to take a breathalizer test at the scene.  She was slapped in handcuffs and arrested on the charge of refusing the test.  Her passenger had no a word to say in her defense and it is not known if it was wearing it's seat belt.  Gipson was booked and photographer with the costume on, which police state is correct since it will match the description on the officer's report.

Gipson is just another in a long list of individuals who manage to get arrested for DUI while wearing their holiday costumes.  Catherine Butler, 26, evidently enjoyed the whole booking process so much that she managed to do it twice in about three hours on Oct 25 2014.  Butler was first pulled over in Gates NY at about 2 am on Buffalo Rd for driving without her headlights on and arrested for DUI.  She was still wearing her zombie make-up from a Halloween party she had attended and after she had been arrested, she was picked up by a friend and taken home.

Three hours later, Butler was again pulled over and arrested on Buffalo Rd, this time for swerving across the road.  She had removed her zombie make-up but she was still very much under the influence.  She was again taken down to the police department and booked for another DUI.  The police have stated that she has been arrested for DUI four times in Monroe county, going back as far as 2006.  The charges had all been reduced violations and they added that this weekend's charges with probably be just misdemeanors.

On Nov 1 2013, police pulled over Kristine Gagnier, 26 was pulled over in Orange county FL after she was observed driving erratically.  Gagnier, who evidently is quite an accomplished wakeskater, was not so accomplished at passing a sobriety test.  The officer stated that she was dressed in what appeared to be a nude body suit that was marked for the cuts of pork on a pig as well as wearing zombie colored contacts.

She was returning from a Halloween party and told the officer that she had only two drinks.  The officer didn't believe that she was acting like she was after only two drinks.  He filmed the sobriety test that she did not pass with a BAC of .121 compared to Florida's limit of .08.  She was booked for DUI and after submitting to another test at the police station, she was allowed to change out of the strange pig costume.

Riley Sheahan, who had been playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins, was pulled over on Oct 29 2012 in Grand Rapids MI while driving down the wrong side of the road.  He managed to blow a .30 on the breatalizer which put him into the special category under Michigan law of being super drunk.  He also handed the police a friend's driver's license so he was charged for that as well.  What makes it all so very special is that he was pulled over while wearing a "Tinky Winky" teletubbies costume.

He twice failed the field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalizer test then as well.  he changed his mind when he was taken to the police station and that is where police discovered that he had his Canadian driver's license hidden in his wallet.  He had been charged in 2010 with public intoxication and minor alcohol consumption in Indiana while he was a freshman at Notre Dame.

I am sure that there will be more drunks in costume that will have their "look" saved for a long time.....


Kim Hunter said...

I can not believe that they made those pictures with the makeup on. I know that they have the ability to clean people up, and my question is that isn't the mug shot for identification purposes? Why would they ever need a picture of a zombie when all the facial features are hidden? Something really is wrong with those pictures.

Kim Hunter @ KHunterLaw

Eliseo Weinstein said...

There was an ironic incident that happened in Ohio in 2010 when a college student was pulled over. He was suspected of driving while under the influence, but the crazy bit of this situation is he was dressed as a breathalyzer. The guy was 19 and even had the beer and vodka still in his possession. I hate to laugh because drunk driving is a serious offense. I hope these kids learn their lesson.

Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds