Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not just the horse whisperer.........

"I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal," stated Sean Johnson.

It seems that Sean Johnson, 19, of Lake Panasoffkee FL went to the Walmart store in Brooksville FL on Oct 14 2014, with something more than basic shopping on his mind.  Police state that Johnson was spotted on surveillance cameras a bit before 3 pm acting suspiciously before he grabbed a brown, tan and red stuffed horse.  It was in the clearance area in the garden section of the store and then he headed over to the housewares section.

When he got to that section, he chose to go into the comforter aisle and that is where he chose to do more than whisper in his stuffed partner's ear.  Johnson proceeded to pull out his genitals and hump the horse until he ejaculated on it's chest area.  He then placed the messy pet on top of a sealed comforter set and fled the store.

All of this was caught on surveillance cameras and he was later arrested and booked into jail.  He was charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief and was later released after posting $1,500 bond.  Johnson's special bargain priced pet along with anything that had come in contact with it have been removed from the store because they were contaminated and not suitable for sale.  There was no word as to whether the pony had enjoyed their brief date.  This is one of those stories you are sure to make friends in a cell with.

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