Monday, October 20, 2014

It was very entertaining......

"She achieved her goal.  It was the most entertaining video I have seen," stated Framingham District Court Judge Douglas Stoddart.

Allison Voner, 23, posted a video to her Facebook account sometime during the past week and her probation officer Elisa Currie was notified of it.  After viewing the video, she applied for a warrant for Voner's arrest on Oct 16 2014 and Voner was arrested at 2:55 pm that day.  Evidently Voner had made the film clip outside of the courthouse a few days before.

Voner was seen on the video driving a car which she was not allowed to do....... while smoking or inhaling cocaine and heroin and ranting about a probation officer.  She went before Judge Stoddard in Framingham MA the next day and he seemed to be very entertained by the video which he viewed in his chambers.  He ordered Voner held on a $5,000 bond on an open possession of heroin case, held without bond for a violation of her probation on a credit card fraud case from last year in Natick MA.  He also ordered her held on an unspecified warrant from Brookline District Court.

Her attorney, John Daly Jr did not even get to state his client's case before the judge handed down his decision but he did try to defend her afterwards.  He stated that Voner likes to use her Facebook to post entertaining videos and the one in question was made as a comedy.  Judge Stoddard agreed that it was the most entertaining video he had seen as well as being the most incriminating.  Immediately after hearing the judge's decision, Voner begged him to send her to a drug rehab facility.  Judge Stoddard waited until her mother filed a formal request for that and then he denied it.  He questioned the timing of the request as another last ditch attempt to manipulate the system.

It just goes to prove how stupid people can be these days when they have the lure of world wide "fame" riding on what they post on social media.  In this case............. she met her goal of entertainment.

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