Wednesday, October 8, 2014

They never made it to the honeymoon......

"Scott Samson.  He's got guns inside," stated Kelly Samson.

George "Scott" Samson, 54, and Kelly Ecker Samson, 50, were married in the evening of October 4 2014 in the Ohio Building in downtown Terre Haute IN.  Their marriage ended within the hour of the last guest leaving their reception.  Scott Samson was an anesthesiologist at Union Hospital and Kelly worked there as a nurse.  The wedding had originally been planned to be held at their home at 4025 N Creal St but it had been moved because of weather conditions on Saturday.

It has been reported that the discord between Scott and Kelly began at the downtown reception and escalated as they moved the after-reception party to their mansion.  The argument reportedly was over a prenuptial agreement and it has been reported that Scott told Kelly that she would never get her hands on his money sometime during the reception.

The argument escalated and became more bitter after the party moved back to their home.  The guests became increasingly uncomfortable and began leaving, with the last guests leaving at 1:17 am. Kelly made her first phone call to 911 at 1:20 am and managed to state her address and that her husband was beating the shit out of her.  She told the operator that he had guns around before the call abruptly ended.

Kelly frantically made another call within a minute of the hang-up and that call was also cut off.  The operator tried to reconnect with her but that call disconnects as well. Kelly then calls the third time and this call ends after the operator hears multiple gunshots after talking to Kelly briefly.  The police arrived at the mansion in less than 30 minutes and they found Kelly dead from multiple gunshots to the head and torso.  Her 10 year old son from a previous relationship as well as an elderly couple who are believed to be Scott's parents, were in the home and alive.

The elderly man told police that Scott had gone down into the basement and was armed with guns and ammunition.  The police used a remote camera to see Scott after they discovered the door locked.  They soon knew that Scott had taken his own life as well.  The police recovered dozens of guns, ammunition and assault rifles as well as the .40 caliber handgun he had used to shoot Kelly and the .45 caliber pistol he used to take his own life.  Scott was a registered federally licensed gun dealer so he was allowed to have both the guns and ammunition within his home.

The police are busy cataloging the guns they found in the home and continuing their investigation of the murder-suicide.  Their friends are left wondering what could have gone so horribly wrong that evening to bring an end to their new life as husband and wife almost before the ink was dry on the paperwork.  I can only hope that Kelly's son did not have to witness any of the tragedy that evening.

Update Oct 9 2014:

The police are still investigating the murder-suicide of the Samson family as well as removing and cataloging the more than 90 guns that had been found within the home.  Samson reportedly had handguns, silencers, automatic weapons and rifles but he was licensed to possess them and they were removed to prevent them from being left unattended in the home.  They have stated that they may never know the real reason behind the couple's deaths but they have managed to publicly name both Advance Indiana and the Daily Mail for sensationalizing details of the story.  Let us agree that the deaths of Kelly Ecker Samson and George "Scott" Samson and the manner of their deaths is going to be sensational from the first word written.......... they violently died within hours of getting married.

While the police point fingers at other reports of that night, their own released statements are confusing at best.  They have access to many more witnesses that attended the wedding, reception and after party than an individual reporting on the circumstances does.  The facts show that there was discord between the couple almost from when they had tied the knot.  It has been reported that it involved a prenuptial agreement as well as George discovering that his credit card had been maxed out when he tried to pay for costs associated with the reception.

The police report that George had left the reception without his wife that evening and that backs the earlier reports that the couple was having difficulties very soon after the "I do's."  They have also stated now that there were a total of four calls in the frantic minutes when Kelly tried to get help at their home.  She did not state the correct address for the house though and it is reported that the home was not marked for easy identification.

Sources have stated that people who had traveled to the after party at the home noted that the couple was not speaking to each other and many began to leave as tensions rose.  One of the last guests to leave reportedly asked Kelly if she wished to go and stay with her at her home, which she declined.  The police have tried to state that dissent between the couple did not escalate after the last guests left or that they left because of the argument but the evidence speaks for itself.  The couple was visibly upset at the wedding reception, George left without his new bride, tension continued at the home and minutes after all the guests had left............. he shot Kelly multiple times before taking his own life.  That sounds like escalation to me, any way you try to spin it........ words were said, emotions were raised and then something set them off.

The police state that there is nothing that they have found in their investigation that leads them to believe that the guests left because of an argument.  That may be true because reports state that the couple was not even speaking to each other during the after party at the home.  I know that if I were at a party that is supposed to be celebrating a happy event and the couple it was for was still not speaking to each other, I would finish up my drink and head on home, perhaps offering to take one of them with me.

It has also been reported that the couple had only lived at the home on Creal St for a few months.  Property records show that George had sold his home in the Richland Manor neighborhood in February and purchased the new home in April.  The police state that the couple had only been living on Creal St since mid summer but give no other information as to why the gap in time.  They also state that Kelly's son and George's parents, who were in the home after the guests left, did not witness the actual shooting.

Hats off to Advance Indiana for uncovering details about the tragic deaths and I hope that you continue to investigate what the police seem to want to hide in a dark closet.

Update Nov 10 2014:

The toxicology tests for George "Scott" Samson show that his BAC was .143, which is well above the state legal blood alcohol for driving a motor vehicle of .08.  It also stated that there were no illegal drugs or drugs of abuse in his system but there was the presence of medications he was prescribed in therapeutic amounts.  It did not elaborate on which drugs those may have been and for that reason, it would be speculation to assume that maybe one of those drugs reacted with the alcohol.  It does show that maybe if alcohol had not been involved, the fight may not have ended in the death of two people who had just hours before, gotten married.

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