Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grabbing the Bacon......

The call came in about 2:30 am on September 30 2014 and Toledo OH officer Okos knew that he had the skills to assist on the call.  Two of his fellow officers were struggling with a suspect who did not want to be caught.  Officer Joe Okos had been a state certified nuisance animal trapper since high school and he asked if he and his rookie partner William Gregus could help out.

It seems that his fellow officers had been hot on the trail of a pot bellied pig running loose and they were having no luck at corralling the escapee.  He spoke to a shift sergeant and explained that there really was only two ways to handle the escapee pig problem.........catch it or use a method less friendly that would probably leave the pig accompanying eggs on a plate.  When Okos got the okay to assist, he made a quick detour to Mercy St Vincent Medical Center for a blanket and a blueberry breakfast bar.

When they arrived on the scene, Okos got his fellow officers to work their way towards the pig in an effort to corner it.  Once they were close enough, he tossed down the breakfast bar as bait.  The pig was still eating when he lost his freedom and the jail break ended.  Okos wrapped the pig, who he had recognized as Bacon, in the blanket and the officers hoisted the 100 pound pot bellied pig into the back of a police wagon.

Okos and his partner rode in the back with Bacon, who now was simply a pig in a blanket to keep him calm on the ride to a local barn for lockup.  The police will be holding Bacon safely in custody until they can determine what should be done with him.  His owner is evidently unable to care for the pig anymore.  Officer Okos stated that while he is the resident country boy on staff, this has been the most unique experience he has had since becoming a Toledo police officer.  He added that his partner who has only been on the street since April got to learn firsthand how versatile an officer has to be on the job.  Bacon so far, is learning to adapt to life behind bars I would guess.

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