Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We are alike....

When Sam Sartain met Pooh, it seems that both of them knew that they were in the same situation.  Sam lost his right leg after an ATV crash in August 2013.  He had to undergo several more surgeries that kept removing more of his leg and February 2014, he had a skin graft.  The repeated surgeries had taken a toll on Sam, leaving him emaciated and requiring a feeding tube.

He had recovered enough so that in May, he was fitted with a prosthetic leg.  He was back in school and participating in sports again while trying to adjust to life again.  At about the same time, a little tan dachshund named Pooh was also trying to adjust to a new life.

Pooh had been struck by a car and landed at the Dachshund Rescue South Florida after the Miami-Dade Animal Control brought the pup there.  The rescue managed to raise $5,000 in just two days to help with Pooh's surgery and care.  The dog needed to be stabilized before the surgery that would end up amputating it's rear leg.  The damage was just too severe with an entire layer of skin torn off, exposing the bones in the leg.

Sam's mother Judy spotted the story of Pooh and pup's need of a new home and she knew that Pooh had to be their dog.  Sam states that the minute he met Pooh, he looked up at him and seemed to realize that they were in the same situation.  He ran over to Sam and they were meant to be as a pair.  Judy felt that having a dog would help Sam in dealing with life now that it has changed in some ways.  He would have something that loved him unconditionally but would still need to be cared for daily.

The help of donors and their funds gave Pooh a second chance at life and now it seems that he has the best of life with Sam.  Some people may have thought it was a waste of money to save an abandoned pet but this proves that it was not a waste at all.

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