Saturday, October 11, 2014

She wants to talk.......

The Daytona Beach police were called out to the Days Inn at 2409 W International Blvd on October 6 2014 at 12:55 am.  Andrew Whitaker, 28, had called the police to report that his girlfriend of the past two years, Tammy Hiser, 34, had battered him.  Whitaker and Hiser had moved to Daytona Beach FL and had been staying at his mother's house until they had been kicked out for her excessive drinking.

Whitaker told the police that he picked Hiser up at Biggins, a strip club in Daytona Beach Shores, where she worked as a dancer.  He stated that she had been drinking and that was a problem for her.  She tried to start a conversation with him but he stated that he was angry that she had been drinking and he refused to talk with her.

Hiser was upset that Whitaker would not talk to her so she repeatedly hit him in the face as they drove to the hotel.  When they got to the hotel, Whitaker states that he went inside the room and Hiser showed up there moments later.  She had an ax in her hands and threatened to hit him with it if he called the police on her.  Hiser then walked towards him and swung the ax at him.  Whitaker states that he managed to   grab the ax and hit Hiser in the face before running out of the room and calling police.

It wasn't until he was outside that he saw that she had used the ax to shatter the windshield of his car.  Whitaker stated that he was frightened of her while this was happening and that was why he had called the police.  It has been reported that Hiser was arrested on Sept 18 2014 for battery and was due in court for that offense on October 15 2014.  The battery charge stems from an earlier attack on Whitaker when he told her he no longer could be with her if she kept drinking.  One can only hope that he takes his own statement seriously this time......... it wasn't a fist this time, it was an ax dude.

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