Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I was pretty annoyed....

"I threw him pretty hard.  I was pretty annoyed." stated David Redmond.

Everett Redmond was placed on life support but doctors found that he had no brain activity.  He died on October 18 at 4 pm at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland Oregon when the life support was removed.  Everett was only 3 pounds and 14 ounces when he was born just six weeks ago and was described as underdeveloped.

When David Redmond, 24,  returned home after work on Oct 15 2014, he reported that his son Everett was fussy.  Evidently David had a much more different method of handling it than most new parents........ he lifted his six pound son over his head and threw him from the bed to the changing table about seven to ten feet away.  This is not how David initially described Everett's possible injury.  David initially noticed that Everett was unresponsive late at night and woke his wife at 3 am on Oct 16th to tell her that he wasn't breathing.  They called 911 and his wife Ashley was performing CPR on Everett when the ambulance arrived.  Everett was originally taken to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center and then was transferred to Randall's Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center where he was on life support until his death on the 18th.

David had originally told the police that he had been napping with Everett and he may have rolled over on him while he was asleep.  When the police did not seem to believe that story, David then stated that he was frustrated with his son and dropped him onto the changing table where he possibly hit his head on the wooden rail.  He added that Everett paused for a second with his mouth open and then starting crying with a very high pitched noise.

A doctor at the children's hospital stated that Everett suffered from a large skull fracture with soft tissue swelling.  He had bleeding in his skull and hemorrhaging in his eyes that extended all the way out to the periphery, adding that this could  not have been caused by just being shaken.  David finally admitted that he had tossed his son onto the changing table and detectives measured the distance of the throw from between 7 and 9 feet across the room.

David reported to the police that he has spanked the boy when he was one week old, squeezed him, held his mouth shut by holding his jaw closed and thrown him on the bed and couch.  He had spanked Everett to the point of bruising him and when he had thrown him onto the couch, the infant bounced off and hit the floor.  David has no other criminal history other than a conviction for criminal mischief five years ago.

David and Ashley married in May 2013 at the Faith Center Church where Ashley is employed doing digital production and graphics.  David has been working as a laborer in a cabinet shop.  The church has stated that they are paying for all the expenses for Everett's funeral as well as helping with Ashley's expenses through this difficult time.  Many have stated that they are shocked by the death and arrest and David's mother has even stated that her son could have only done this because he was exhausted.

David has been charged with first degree murder and is being held on $750,000 bail with another court date listed as Oct 23 2014.

Sadly, Everett seems to have suffered abuse from the first week of his birth.  No child should have to suffer that way, for whatever reason a parent could give.




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