Saturday, October 18, 2014

My baby has been kidnapped! Wait...... never mind......

It seems that once again someone has stepped forward to become an example of how not to embrace motherhood.  Earlier this month, Desiree Ann-Marie Cozzoni, 18, reported that her reported that her 16 month old son had been kidnapped in St Charles Missouri.  On October 14 2014, she bailed out of jail on a $2,500 bond on charges related to the supposed kidnapping of her son.

It seems that she hadn't been entirely truthful with the police about the kidnapping...... in fact, there had not been a kidnapping at all.  She had actually given her son away so that she could live life as a normal teenager.  Well, she hadn't just dumped him off with just anyone........ she had gone through the trouble of signing adoption papers with the person who now had custody of her son.

Wait.......... they were not actually legal adoption papers but I guess she sort of tried to make it look that way.  It seems that Cozzoni had been moving from place to place when she wasn't staying with her grandparents.  There were times during this moving around that she would stay with one particular heroin user.  This drug user often stayed at motels because she was homeless herself, unemployed and had lost custody of her own children.  The woman bought and used heroin daily and often would use the drugs in the presence of both Cozzoni and her son.

At some point earlier this month, Cozzoni chose, for whatever reason, to sign some non-legal papers that gave custody of her son to this woman because she wanted to enjoy her teenage years.  With all the help available these days I guess that a drug using mom who has lost her own kids is a far better choice of a parent than any other choices out there.  Cozzoni even went so far as to change her phone number so this woman would not be able to contact her.

Cozzoni then chose to contact the St Charles police and report that this woman had kidnapped her son, which seems reasonable to me maybe.  The police investigated her claim and found it to be false and arrested her for making a false report, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.  It seems that they discovered a pipe with marijuana residue in her purse when they arrested her.  That must have been part of the "being a normal teenager" as well as her numerous Facebook postings and selfies she had been posting.

The police would not comment as to who has custody of Cozzoni's son right now but it has been assumed that her grandparents may take custody.  Cozzoni will not be allowed to live in the same home as her son for right now.  She did post on her account that she has her first supervised visit with her son this week as well as posting that she wishes none of this had happened, that she wasn't such a bad mom and that she wanted to have her son back.  Those would have been the things she should have been thinking of before she chose to dump her son and then try and cover that up with a kidnapping charge.  Now she will get to experience that other part of being a normal teenager.......... actions and consequences.

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