Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No creativity........

On October 5 2014, two people were arrested by the Forsyth County Sheriffs office on one count each of murder and accessory after the fact to murder.  The police had reason to believe there was some truth to whatever information they had received and searched a home at 2749 Knob Hill Rd in Clemmons NC.  They discovered the skeletal remains of two individuals buried in the backyard.

Pazuzu Illah Algarad, 35, and his "wife" Amber Nicole Burch, 24 both lived at the residence along with Algarad's mother.  Authorities discovered the bodies while executing a search warrant at the address.  They stated that they have executed search warrants before at the home but they did not have concrete evidence of the location of the bodies before.  They declined to identify who the victims are but did state that neither of the victims had lived at the residence before.

The police stated that both Algarad and Burch were at the home when the search was conducted.  They added that there were two other people there, one who lived there and presumably his mother.  It has been reported that the home was normal looking from the outside but very different on the inside.  It was described as smelling very bad from dog urine, spilled beer and human urine on the floors.

On October 6 2014, a third person was arrested and charged with being an accessory after the fact.  Krystal Nicole Matlock, 28, of West Fourth St in Winston-Salem was arrested late in the day for her part in the crime.  The warrant for her arrest stated that she was wanted for her participation in burying one of the bodies in the back yard.  She is currently being held on a $250,000 bond, Algarad and Burch are not being allowed bond and all three are due back in court on October 23 2014.

The police have had warrants before for the home in the past and stated that they had a search warrant in 2010 but that was sealed in Feb 2010 and remains sealed.  Algard has a criminal record that includes convictions for several charges.  He was charged as an accessory after the fact of involuntary manslaughter in the 2010 death of Joseph Chandler, 30, of Willow Trace Court in Clemmons NC.  Chandler's mother had reported him missing that morning of June 7 2010 and his body was found later that day at Donnaha Park.  Yadkin County employees had found Chandler's body near a boat ramp and it was later learned that he died from a gunshot wound.

Nicholas Rizzi was charged with involuntary manslaughter and convicted on March 31 2011 and sentenced to a year and a month in prison.  Algarad was found guilty in 2012 of the charge and was still on probation from that conviction when he was arrested on Sunday.  In 2010, Algarad was also accused of choking his mother, Cynthia Lawson and she told police that she did not want to prosecute because she feared him.  The secured bond findings report related to that case states that Algarad performed animal sacrifices and satanic rituals at the home on a regular basis.  He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault on a female on Aug 23 2011 and was placed on probation for 12 months.

Burch is originally from Rock Hill SC and has been reported as Algarad's wife for the past five years.  The police report that they have not found documents to prove that but they did state that they believe the couple was married in some type of ceremony.  She has two charges from Mecklenburg County in 2009 for DWI and driving after consuming.  Burch was also arrested for simple assault after she pushed, slapped and tried to choke Lawson on Sept 22 2011 and was sentenced to 12 months probation after her conviction.  It was only two months later that she was arrested again, this time for assault and battery after she hit Algarad in the face.

Neighbors have described the couple as weird but nice and that they had not been much trouble in all of the years they have lived there.  Some have stated that they did not know about their criminal pasts and were surprised when the police arrived at the home on Sunday.  They described how police led Algarad out of the home, handcuffed and placed him into a car before starting their digging.  At that point, neighbors knew something very serious had occurred there.

John Alexander "Pazuzu" Lawson was born Aug 12 1978 in San Francisco CA to Timothy and Cynthia Lawson. His parents had married in 1971 in CA but by 1990, they had divorced while living in NC.  Timothy returned to CA at some point and Cynthia remarried to a man named John L James.  He was from TN and they married there but listed the home at 2714 Knob Hill as their residence.  Lawson dropped out of West Forsyth High School and proceeded to re-invent himself as a Satan worshiping drug dealer.  He changed his name in 2002 while in CA while he was spending time in his father's hometown.  His new identity claimed that he was of Iraqi and had a Satanist mother who named after the character in the Exorcist.  His teeth are supposedly sharpened to points and he is said to have frightened many who knew him with stories of his worship and "Black Magic" rituals.

When his former classmates started to grow up and drift away, Algarad is said to have begun hanging out with a younger crowd.  He also began to find his simple black magic boring and moved on to Luciferanism which he is reported to have taken very seriously.  There have also been reports that he recently became interested in Islam as well.  I can gather from these reports that something seriously went off the tracks for Algarad at some point in his life but I don't believe the hype of his "terrifying" persona.

I do believe that he has gotten away with some serious crimes that have been escalating in violence through the years.  I also believe that he may believe his own fiction far too much.  We may discover by the time this goes to trial that Algarad was someone who was desperate for the attention that comes from being a "terrifying" and "powerful" guy and only did a small fraction of what he claims.  It is certain that somehow, two people ended up dead and they were buried in the backyard.  As for the scary background........... it has been done before and it doesn't really work.  Just ask Manson how that is working for him.










Update Oct 8 2014:

Investigators have remained on the scene in HazMat suits as they continue to investigate rooms in the home.  Firefighters have assisted by breaking out windows for ventilation and to allow more light into the home.  It has been reported that the three are being charged with burying the bodies in 2009.

The first warrant states that Algarad killed someone in July 2009 and Burch helped him bury the body in the backyard.  The second warrant states that Burch killed someone between Oct 2 and Oct 5 of 2009 and Algarad helped her bury the body in the backyard.

The warrants for Matlock state that she helped Algarad bury an unidentified male in the backyard sometime between June and August 2009 but does not specify if this is the same body Algarad and Burch are accused of burying in July.  Matlock also has a criminal history, a 2009 arrest in Davidson County on the charge of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud/forgery.

The police have not stated if they know the identities of the two individuals who were found in the shallow graves yet.  It would seem that they have some very specific information about the crimes, locations of the graves and may have a good idea as to who the victims are.



Update Oct 8 2014:

The Forsyth County Department of Public Health has condemned the house at 2749 Knob Hill Dr.  The police have been investigating in the house and on the property since early Sunday and they have stated that the home will be returned to the property owner Cynthia Lawson.  They added that no one will be allowed to live in the home until conditions are improved.

They have not stated if they have found any other evidence pertaining to the bodies that had been uncovered in the shallow graves in the backyard or if they know who the victims may be.  The bodies had been brought to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for further examination and possible identification.




So far, the case involving Pazuzu Algarad may seem sensational but as the title states, he definitely lacks creativity in his wish to become known as "Diablo."  There have been many who have traveled that path before him and some with more....... passion and/or creativity.

Charles Manson made people realize in 1969, that the age of the hippie and flower children was not all that had been growing on the ranch.  He is still serving a life sentence along with most of his major followers for the killing spree he orchestrated in order to "jump-start" helter skelter.  He has been denied parole 19 times so far, after his death sentence was commuted to life in prison and he still seeks to grab the public's attention every few years.

Richard Ramirez claimed that he was the son of the devil and during a two year crime spree... broke into the homes of more than 25 victims to torture, rape and kill at least 13 of them.  Ramirez was also known as the "Night Stalker" and it was reported that he began his interests in Satanism with the stories from an older cousin.  He began his killing spree in 1984, after he was released from jail as a Satanic criminal who suffered from poor hygiene, rotten teeth and no real ability to support himself legally.  He was finally caught and after a lengthy court process, he was sentenced to 19 death sentences and died in prison on June 7 2013.

Pazuzu Algard reportedly was trying to have people believe that he was becoming interested in Islam because of his mother supposedly being Iraqi.  It may also be an attempt to fit it with being as "scary" as our new enemy ISIS.  I have not found any reports of him actually working a job, not even flipping burgers somewhere, so I have to assume that he was just living at his mom's house all these years, creating his own fantasy world to impress others.  I would have to say that he probably failed for the most part on that as well as lacking creativity to go all out for the "devil" look.


In my opinion, he has been beaten out by Roy Gutfinski Jr, 34 of Pittsfield MA.  Gutfinski changed his name legally in 2008 to Caius Domitius Veiovis and has gone all out on the devil look it seems.  He has stated that he took his first two names from Caligula and Nero and the last name from an Etruscan demon.  He began reshaping his appearance in 2000 by having the bumps "horns" implanted in his forehead, two horns in his nose, filed his teeth to points, split his tongue and had his ears reshaped to give them more of a point.

Veiovis began his long criminal history when he was thirteen when he was arrested for carrying a double bladed assault style knife.  The neuropsychologist who evaluated him then noted that his teachers noticed a preoccupation with devil worship, was resistant to authority and exhibited threatening behaviors.  He was placed on probation and set out on his various trips in and out of the Maine Youth Center and various hospitals for treatment of substance abuse and various behavior problems.  He was released from the Maine Youth Center when he was 18 and applied for and received Social Security disability.

In 1999, he and his 17 year old girlfriend, befriended a 16 year old girl and then took a razor to the small of her back.  The wound took 32 stitches to close and they had done it he claimed because he was a vampire.  Both he and his girlfriend licked the blood from the wound and then kissed and he later told police that he did not have fangs and could go out during daylight even though he was a vampire.

Veiovis was 20 when he went on trial for the crime and while his father painted a nice picture of his troubled son, Dr Anne LeBlanc did not.  She stated that he did not deal well with emotionally charged situations and had several diagnosis of him.  She stated that he suffered from antisocial personality disorder, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, impulsivity, disassociation, identity disorder and self mutilation.  He diagnosis boils down to her statement that he looks at himself and doesn't like what he sees.

His parents reported that their son had evolved as time went on.  He had fashioned himself an identity as a punk rocker, then as a skinhead and after the Columbine murders, a goth like look.  He followed that with his vampire, blood-letting ceremonies in order to alienate people from him even though he wanted the attention of people.

Veiovis along with Adam Hall and David Chalue were arrested for the August 2011 kidnapping, murder and dismemberment of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell.  Glasser had been killed to prevent him from testifying in a Hell's Angels assault case and the other two men were killed because they had witnessed the kidnapping of Glasser.  All three men have been found guilty, Veiovis on Sept 26 2014, and all have been sentenced to three consecutive life terms.

I am sure that more information about the crimes and the background of Algarad will come out in the following weeks but as much as he may have tried to create this persona for himself......... it's been done before, many times and by some who have done a much better job at it.







Update Oct 9 2014:

Unsurprisingly, it is now being reported that Algarad has suffered from mental illness for quite some time.  He came from a broken home and had claimed that he never met his father.  Although the relationship with his mother is complicated, he stated that she had never abused or neglected him.  He dropped out of high school in the ninth grade after having to repeat both the second grade and the ninth grade.  Algarad stated that his fear of being around people began then but he added that he was verbally abusive to teachers and was a failing student.

Algarad admitted many things during his pretrial interview for the 2010 accessory charge.  He told the arresting deputies that a mysterious man named "Pete" was involved in the crime and that he was being arrested because he had witnessed a murder but did not report it.  The officers stated that he had allowed Rizzi to stay at the home at Knob Hill.

During the interview with psychiatrists, he shook uncontrollably and admitted that he drank in excess of 18 beers a day to cope with his mental health issues.  They noted that he had filed his teeth down intentionally, body odor and poor hygiene as well.  He explained that he only bathed about once a year and hadn't brushed his teeth in years because he felt believed that it would strip his body of it's natural defenses in warding off illness and infection.

The psychiatrists determined that he was competent for trial but noted that he suffered from agoraphobia, schizophrenia and alcoholism.  They concluded that he was virtually a prisoner of his own home because of the delusions and panic that would occur whenever he was outside.  He stated that he drank to combat the depression he felt from not leaving the home and they noted that he was on Paxil, Lamictal and Ativan.  Algarad stated that the drugs made him feel like a zombie but they noted that he was in good health.  He also stated to the doctors that he felt that there were people out there who were going to get him.

While mental health issues are a serious thing, they are not an excuse for "bad things" happening in a person's life.  There had to be people in his life who knew that the treatment he was on was not helping him.



Update Oct 9 2014:

One person who claims to have been inside of the home at Knob Hill around the time in 2009, when the bodies were buried has spoken out to describe the interior of the house.  That man described the first room as kind of blacked out with the wallpaper peeled off.  The room also contain what he described as scribbles, scratchings, swastikas, Arabic, Satan and graffiti.  He added that Algarad looked almost serpentine at times and there were other times when he would seem to speak in a foreign language or tongues.

The man also claimed that there were monthly sacrifices, usually during the full moon.  He stated that it was usually a rabbit that was sacrificed and Algarad would eat the heart and follow that with burning the flesh.  The source also described the condition of some of the other rooms as filthy, smelling of wet dog and covered in dog feces.  He added that there was one room, the one that firefighters broke the windows out of and HazMat suits were used in, that no one was allowed into, not even Amber Burch.

The police have stated that they hope to have the two bodies identified within a week which leads me to believe that they may have a pretty good idea as to who the two victims are already.


Update Oct 11 2014:

The house on Knob Hill now has a couple of new signs to accompany the original sign that was posted there.  These warns others that the house is not in compliance with the minimum housing requirements and can not be reoccupied until it does and the other warns that the structure is unsafe.

The other sign that had already been posted on the front door also included what appeared to be something written in Arabic but according to Darlene May, a professor of Arabic language at Wake Forest University, it looks to be a poor attempt at writing something about a house and devil.  The writing in the empty pool is much the same..... an attempt at "praise Iblis" in Arabic.

It has been reported that Animal Control removed 8 dogs from the property during their investigation.  They removed 5 Labrador retriever mixes, two pit bulls and a border collie mixes that did not require any major medical care.  All three residents of the home have ties to the dogs and they have until Oct 10 to notify officials if they are interested in getting the dogs back.

The home is owned by Cindy Lawson and her ex-husband Johnny James and they will have a set time period to repair the home.  If they decide not to do so, the county does have the option of going through the process of condemning it and having it torn down.



Update Oct 12 2014:

It seems that we the taxpayers will continue supporting two of those arrested for the bodies in the backyard.  Krystal Matlock stated in her court appearance that she planned to hire an attorney since she does work two jobs but Algarad and Burch have asked for court appointed attorneys.

It has been reported that both of them have been living on $1,221 a month in social security benefits.  Algarad has been receiving them due to his agoraphobia and other mental issues which have been documented.  He receives $500 a month and listed that his expenses are $60 in rent to his mother and $100 for food.  Burch is a bit more mysterious as to why she is receiving benefits but she receives $721 a month to live on.  She listed that she is living with friends but she told the police that she was living with Algarad and his mother.  Her expenses were listed as $450 a month for rent and $200 for food, so it seems that she had to carry the brunt of the expenses for the couple?  For the time being though, they will have their rent and food covered by the taxpayers in a much more confined area.



Update Oct 13 2014:

The police have identified the two victims whose bodies were found buried in the backyard at Knob Hill.  The first victim was identified as Joshua Fredrick Wetzler and the second was identified as Tommy Dean Welch.  Wetzler was reported missing Feb 15 2010 but he was last seen June 15 2009 while he was visiting his ex girlfriend and son in Salisbury.  The delay in reporting him missing has been attributed to his family believing that he may have been using drugs again while on probation and did not want to be caught in violation.  They worried after he had no contact with the family over the holidays and he was then reported missing.

Wetzler's car was found behind an apartment building in Winston-Salem four months before he was reported missing and there has been reports of him being seen in Clemmons shortly before he disappeared.  The police and SBI conducted an investigation then but he was eventually listed as an absconder in his police file.  He was 32 when he had been reported missing and police used dental records to help identify him, records his father a dentist had provided.

Tommy Dean Welch was 31 when he was reported missing at about 7:30 pm on Oct 3 2009.  The reports state that he was last seen walking away from his brother's home in Clemmons headed for his own house about a half mile away.  They believed that he had arrived at his home on foot but no one had heard from him until the in several years.  They next heard that there was a possibility that his body may be one of the two that had been found at Knob Hill.

The police still have not released any information as to how they knew the bodies were buried there or how they had suspected it was these two men in the shallow graves.  There will certainly been much more information coming out in the future in regards to the case they are building against the three.



Update Oct 16 2014:

The families of both Wetzler and Welch did not want to hear the news that their loved one was found in a shallow grave this past week but it was news that finally gave them the answer to where they had been all these years.  Stacey Carter described her former boyfriend Josh Wetzler as a peace loving hippie, both kind and generous.  It was not uncommon for him to hit the road for a few months at a time so when his car was found abandoned behind an apartment complex, she was not too worried.  She did worry after they had not contact with him through the holidays since he would not have missed making some kind of contact with her and his son then.

She stated that Wetzler liked going to music festivals and listened to bands such as the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic.  He was often seen at those shows sporting a ball cap atop his unruly hair, a full beard and a hemp necklace.  She went on to state that they had met at a music festival in Olympia Washington and shared similar interest including horses.  They moved to Davie County in 2002 and began working toward a mutual dream of owning a horse farm.  Wetzler went to school in Kentucky for horseshoeing and she explored her interest in therapeutic riding.

That all changed after their son was born and they split up after they seemed to go down different paths.  She stated that he did not fit in well with "domesticated" life.  Wetzler was convicted of a drug felony in 2009 and placed on probation.  Carter stated that it changed his life, making work difficult and leaving him financially strapped.  She added that he lost contact with a lot of his old friends and seemed to be overwhelmed by the situation but he always kept contact with his son and tried to be a good father.  Carter felt that he may have been murdered over the years and moved on with her life.  She started a therapeutic riding school in Rowan County for at-risk kids and she believes in the power of those kinds of programs.

The discovery of his body has opened old emotional wounds but not all of them are bad.  At one point she had heard a rumor that he was buried behind the home on Knob Hill and contacted police.  Carter states that Wetzler had no interest in the occult, was not violent and she has no idea how or why he would have come in contact with Algarad and Burch.  She is relieved that he has been found and that he no longer is buried in the backyard of a house, forgotten.

Rusty Welch, Tommy's brother states that he had been with his brother the day he disappeared.  Tommy had been over earlier in the day at Rusty's apartment on Colonial Arms but had gone back to the apartment he shared with their mother on Cook Ave to fix a broken stereo.  He was walking back to Rusty's when he went missing.  Rusty had been working a t Domino's at the time and the plan had been to spend a quiet evening with the family eating pizza and watching movies.  Tommy never returned but when they checked at his mother's apartment, they found the stereo repaired and an album sitting on it.

Tommy was reported missing on Oct 4 2009, the next day and Rusty states that he spent his free time searching for his brother in the woods and surrounding area.  The searching got so bad that his wife suggested he stop and they moved to South Carolina for some time.  They had recently moved back to the Reidsville area.  Rusty added that his brother was a great uncle to his oldest two children and babysat them often but that his youngest child will never know their uncle.

Amber Burch, Algarad's supposed wife, grew up in SC and people have stated that she did not seem to change significantly until she began dating him.  Several of her friends state that she distanced herself from her old friends once she met him.  It is difficult to understand how she would have chosen to live the life she seems to have since he seems to be a sad, isolated, filthy young man who was trying to project an image of Satanic "greatness.


Update Oct 17 2014:

The police are back at the home of the local "Satanic worshiper" at Knob Hill as well as a crew of public works that works for the Village of Clemmons.  The house has not ordered torn down yet, there has not been a hearing on that matter with the homeowner yet.  The report is that they are cleaning debris out of the backyard of the home and a shed on the property as part of their ongoing investigation of the murders.  The police have sealed their search warrants from earlier this month stating that information contained in them is vital to the case they are building.

There have been continued reports of Algarad claiming that he had killed two prostitutes from as far back as 2005 but police have not stated if they believe them to be true or are actively investigating the claim.  A friend of Burch's though has extensively described what the house was like in 2009 when she visited.  She states that the home reeked of urine and feces, so badly that she though she would vomit from the smell.  She went on to state that Algarad was completely naked when she got there and he remained naked the whole time.  He was high on drugs and drink and acted in a very sexually provocative manner with her the whole time she was there.  He stated that he wanted to "get into her pants" and she told him that it wasn't going to happen.

The woman, who has been verified but wants to remain anonymous stated that she was a teenager when she visited her friend Burch at the home several times in 2009.  She admits that she was looking to party and the home was known for loud metal music, drugs and partying.  She stated that Burch had met Algarad through a mutual friend and had moved in with him.  She described Burch as a very clean cut person before she had met Algarad and when she heard Burch describe him as weird but a super great guy, she figured that he wasn't average for Burch to be with him.

After about a month with Algarad, she quit taking showers, filed her teeth to points, quit shaving and started dreading her hair.  She stated that when she visited the house was filthy and there were dirty dishes piled up with bugs crawling all over them.  She did not believe Algarad's claim of killing two prostitutes and felt that his facial tattoos were just to psych people out.  She added that she never saw anyone from the Winston-Salem area at the house and she knew nothing about Wetzler or Welch or how they would have been there.  The woman stated that she had seen Algarad's mother in the house but she would only go in and out of her room quickly, as if she was afraid of something or him.  She was shocked to see the changes in her friend Burch and can only add that Algarad must have done something like brainwash her for her to live in those conditions.



Update Oct 23 2014:

The initial autopsy report states that both Wetzler and Welch had died from gunshot wounds.  Wetzler's mother Martha had arrived earlier this week to help make funeral arrangements for her son.  His ex girlfriend and mother of his son Jared had last seen Josh in 2009 when he was working at the Renaissance Fair.  The fair wanted him to travel with them but his probation prevented him from doing so.  She states that she first thought that he had just decided to go even though it would violate his probation.

She did not think to report him missing until she had heard from a friend that they had heard a rumor that Josh was buried in Pazuzu's backyard.  She contacted police and they searched the yard but found nothing.  A second time a friend told her that she had talked to a woman from Winston-Salem who claimed to have seen Josh being buried in the backyard.  She again told the police and they again searched the backyard but found nothing.

She stated that she has heard the rumors of josh being buried in Pazuzu's backyard for years but in all that time she had never heard anyone mention Welch being buried there as well.  She is not sure how Josh may have met Algarad and Burch and she doesn't know if Josh had ever met Welch before either.  She added that she herself had never met or heard of Tommy Welch.  She added that she was nervous at first to talk to the media but now, she knows that she would rather people know who the real Josh was and not let them think that he was involved in satanic rituals and things.



Update Oct 23 2014:

It appears that the three who have been charged with the deaths of Wetzler and Welch will not be making any court appearances anytime soon.  When the docket was read at the Forsyth County District Court this morning, it was noted that the appearances for Algarad, Burch and Matlock will not be until April 30 2015.  There was no explanation as to why the appearance have been pushed back that far, so I guess we will have to sit back and wait for any new evidence or tidbits the news can uncover.


Update Oct 25 2014:

On Oct 21 2014, investigators released the house on Knob Hill Dr back to Cynthia Lawson, the owner but she will not be able to live in the house for now.  The Forsyth County housing and community development department will send Lawson a notice and a hearing will be held at a later date to determine what must be done to the home before it can be deemed fit for human habitation.  There has been no report from Lawson as to what she intentions may be for the home at this time.

It has been reported that there were three separate search warrants executed for the property at Knob Hill.  The first was for  Oct 4th and a second on Oct 5th with the final one being executed on Oct 16th.  The first two have been returned and are sealed and the last one has not been returned yet.  It can be assumed that it will be sealed as well.  There was not explanation as to why the court dates for the three being held were extended until April of 2015.

Just a short answer as to WTF the tattoos on Pazuzu's face are supposed to mean........

Local tattoo artist Ronnie Whitesell explained what he believes Algarad was trying to do with his dozen or so facial tattoos.  He states that they are all variations of tribal tattoos, which would mean that he was far off the mark if he was trying to wear "satanic" marks.  The one on his chin symbolizes tribal affiliation and is commonly known as a Polynesian Moko tattoo.  The more tattoos you had on your face, the higher up in the tribe you were.  The large one on his cheek is a version of Celtic knotwork that was usually worn by Viking warriors.  Personally, judging from the lack of quality of them and his aversion to leaving the house, my bet is that he had them done at home by someone not all that skilled with tattoos.  If he was going for the scary, satanic look though, he missed the mark by quite some distance.

Both Josh Wetzler and Tommy Welch may have portrayed as associated with Algarad in some degree but no one has come up with any evidence that either of them even knew the trio currently in jail.  Josh has been described as a loving father and a man who was managing to do the best that he could in the circumstances that he faced.  Josh grew up in Syracuse NY and returned home when his younger brother was killed driving home from his high school graduation.

Josh met Stacy Carter in 1999 when he was in Olympia WA and working at a Cheesecake Factory.  He was sharing a home with several other men and they lost their lease over a large band jam they held there.  Stacy and he hit the road then and they enjoyed life, making friends all over the United States while always keeping their dream of returning to her home state of North Carolina.  They took out a loan for a piece of property in Davie County and planned to run their own horse farm and farrier business.

The loan did not stretch far enough for the repairs needed or the barn they had planned on building.  Stacy took a full time job while Josh began to refuse to shoe horses, choosing a method of hoof trimming that he felt was better and more humane for the horses.  Finances became even tighter after the birth of their son in 2004 and the pressures of Josh not working much, her working full time and a mortgage that needed to be paid.  Stacy moved out with their son in 2005 when she decided that the environment in the home was not the best for a toddler.

Josh tried to hang onto the farm but eventually lost it and in late 2008, was busted for possession of a small amount of mushrooms.  the felony conviction boxed him in and prevented him from traveling for work when he did find a good job offer.  Stacy states that Josh was someone who saw through the bullshit in people, was having a tough time but he was a good person and loving father to his son.  Josh does not sound as though he would have fallen for the "satanism" that was supposedly going on at Algarad's home.  He was not someone who would look to hang out there either.  It sounds as though we may never know how and why he was killed until one of the three talks.




Update Nov 6 2014:

The video tour of the home on Knob Hill has been obtained by local news media and released to the public.  The film was made by the Forsyth County Code Enforcement officers while the police were conducting their investigation.  The officer had very quickly stated that the home was not fit for human occupation because of the numerous violations and overall mold, trash, feces and garbage filled ares.  There are a few areas of the home that do not seem to be as affected but there has been no explanation as to why they were kept clean.  The video tour can be found at Fox8 or journal now presently.




Update Nov 10 2014:

The Church of Satan has weighed in on the Algarad "satanist" circus......... finally.  They have stated that they do not worship the devil and they are firmly in opposition to criminal acts perpetrated in that name.  they added that it is an atheist philosophy that does not condone murder or sacrifices.  They added that they believe Algarad and his friends are theists or devil worshippers.  They explained that worldwide, theists, no matter what fictional entity they are worshipping, believe in promoting acts of savage injustice.

The group believes that they are the only authentic Satanist group in existence and the Church is a rational, atheist philosophy.  It is based on Anton LaVey;s "Satanic Bible", is very protective of that lineage and has a rigorous application process.  The group believes that Satan is only a symbolic representation of the values of pride, individualism and liberty.

The Satanic Temple is an entirely different group that shares similar beliefs but is much more politically active.  they also do not have as rigorous an application process.  They also state that they are an atheist organization but they are very interested in the separation of church and state.  They have lobbied for a statue of Satan to be placed outside of the Oklahoma state capital in protest of religious displays.

While it seems that there are as many splits among the Satanic churches, all seem to agree that tiny splinter groups that claim to worship fictional satanic characters and carry out crimes as part of the beliefs, are not welcome in their realm.  That leaves Algarad and his friends as a tiny cell of "nut cases" it would seem, even though people world wide are interested in what they have done.


Update March 13 2015:

Wells Fargo Bank was granted permission on March 10 2015 to take the first of two steps in foreclosing on the house on Knob Hill.  They have tentatively set the foreclosure auction to be held at the Forsyth County Courthouse for April 7 2015.  The bank is listed as the holder of the property and it is listed as having $126,393 owed on the mortgage, the same as had been reported in on Jan 14 to the county registry of deeds website.

The tax value listed for the home is 102,592 and the county housing department which had declared that the house was unfit for human occupation has stated that they estimate that it would take $78,000 to fix the home and bring it up to code.  The bank is planning on moving forward with the foreclosure sale and then is said to have plans to demolish the house.  All three defendants are still scheduled for their next court appearance on April 30 2015.


Update April 8 2015:

Wells Fargo bank was the only bidder for the house on Knob Hill when it went up for auction.  They bid $123,789.39 for the house and unless they are outbid in the next ten days, they will hold the note for the house.  Anyone who wishes to outbid the bank will have to submit a bid that is five percent higher and that five percent would have to be paid up front.  The bank plans to demolish the home but does not have a timetable for that yet because it depends on the timing of permits and scheduling.  Once the lot has been cleared, the bank plans on returning the property to HUD and it is up to them as to what will become of it.


Update April 23 2015:

Wells Fargo bank has obtained the permits needed to demolish the house on Knob Hill and preliminary demolition work has begun.  A crew from Charles Harris Construction Company in North Wilkesboro has begun cleaning out the interior of the home as well as removing a back fence and the contents of a shed in the backyard.

It was reported that Cynthia James was allowed by the bank to enter the home before removal work began so that she could remove personal items.  Afterwards, they began removing debris and hauling it off to the dump.  Harris stated that his crews are used to entering homes that have been trashed by the previous owners or tenants but he has never seen anything as bad as this house.

They expect to finish their work by the end of the week so that the demolition of the house can be started.  It is expected to be completely gone by the end of next week and then Wells Fargo will convey the title of the land back to HUD.  It is not known yet what HUD will do once it has possession of the property again.  Neighbors have stated that they will be very happy to have the house gone and it will give them a chance to move on not having to see the house every day.

There has been no word yet as to when the prosecutors will seek indictments on the case or if any of the three will be facing the death penalty.  It has been stated that the case is on hold right now and the April 30th court date will probably be continued to another date in the coming months.



Update June 6 2015:

The house on Knob Hill has been completely demolished and for now, it seems as though there will be many months for the healing to continue and the state to make it's case.  None of the three have been indicted yet in Superior Court and the hearing date has been moved back to October 29 2015.  It is expected that there will either be trial dates \set then or a plea arrangement made.

This may mean that at least one of those charged may be making a deal to strengthen the case the state is working on with the other two.  The preliminary autopsy results were also released and it states that both men had been shot.  Tommy Welch, whose remains had been found in a shallow grave under a fire pit in the backyard, had been shot once in the back of the head.  The arrest warrants state that Amber Burch had killed Welch in Oct 2009 and Algarad helped her to bury his body.

The autopsy report states that Josh Wetzler was shot three times in the head and at least four times in the body.  The warrant states that Algarad killed Wetzler in July 2009 and both Burch and Matlock helped bury his body in a shallow grave near the exterior basement stairs of the house.  It may be that Matlock is interested in making a deal since she has been charged with lesser charges and seems to have less direct participation in the deaths.

The police have not stated whether they are in possession of the murder weapon or weapons.  There were numerous weapons found in the home before demolition began but police were not interested in the numerous bladed weapons.  It now just seems as though the public will have several more months to wait before the case moves forward again.





eggdrop said...

I believe the DOB given in your article is possibly incorrect.


eggdrop said...

I just noticed the link will not retain the search data. DOC gives it as 12/8/78. Apparently month and day got reversed . . . in one of them.

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