Wednesday, October 29, 2014

There must have been an easier way.......

The call came into the police station at around 8:00 pm on Oct 28 2014 and police were dispatched to investigate a brutal murder.  They were headed to 130 Secatogue Ave in Farmingdale NY where there had been a report of a woman's body lying in the street.  The police found a woman who seemed to be in her 60's lying in front of the apartment and she had been beheaded.

It was only about twenty minutes later that police found another body, this one of a man who appeared to be in his 30's.  His body was located about a mile away from the first scene, on a section of LIRR tracks.  He had apparently jumped in front of an eastbound LIRR train, committing suicide.  Police had not released much information yet but the two victims appear to be related.  The man was hit by the train at 8:15 pm at the Clinton Ave crossing in Farmingdale.  The deaths have reportedly caused half a dozen trains to be delayed or cancelled as well as the evacuation of the train that hit the male victim.  There has been no report yet as to how many more trains will be affected by the investigation.

It has been reported that the woman who was murdered is the mother of the man who committed suicide.  They are tentatively stating that it looks as though this was a murder suicide but they are not speculating on anything else at this time.  It is difficult to imagine what could have gone so terribly wrong as to lead to such a brutal murder followed by subjecting someone else to nightmares caused by throwing yourself in front of a train.

Hopefully there will be some kind of explanation and closure for this crime.

Update Oct 29 2014:

At first, neighbors thought it was some sort of Halloween prank.  They saw the man drag a body from the apartment building and then kick the head some 20 feet across the street.  The man then jumped in front of the train a short time later and his body was found on the tracks almost a mile away.  The neighbors realized that it was no prank when they went outside to try and remove what they thought was part of the prank... the woman's body.

They stated that they knew when they lifted her, it was far from a prank.  Police state that the woman was killed inside an apartment because there was blood all over the floor.  The gruesome evidence continued with a path going down the stair as if the man had dragged her body down the stairs and out into the street.  Police are not tying this murder-suicide to terrorism right now but they are leaving all avenues of thought open for the moment, as they continue investigating what may have caused the incident.

Update Oct 29 2014:

Police have identified both individuals involved in the apparent murder-suicide.  The woman killed was Patricia Ward, 66, and she had been killed by her son Derek, 35.  Patricia was a professor at SUNY for 28 years and was well liked, well known and well respected.

Police state that she suffered from multiple stab wounds as well as other injuries including broken ribs.  They have recovered the murder weapon as well.  They report that her son Derek had a psychiatric record that dates back over a decade.  He also has a brief criminal record as well as being chronically unemployed.

They have reported that Derek used a knife to kill and behead his mother.  He then dragged her outside where her head and body ended up in separate locations.  He then walked in front of the train within 20 minutes.  He had been carrying a Smith&Wesson pistol and 100 Valiums on his person when he died.  Neighbors of the luxury apartment where Patricia lived are still stunned as to how they could have first viewed her body as a Halloween prank.  The police have not released if they know of a motive for the murder yet.

Update Oct 30 2014:

Police have now reported that they believe the murder-suicide was a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong.  Patricia had last been seen at around 4 pm that afternoon and they believe that Derek killed her and sat with her body for some time before dragging her outside.  Her and her son had only moved into the building about three months prior to the incident and neighbors described her as serious and quiet.

Derek had spent 45 days in jail in 2006 for carrying 100 Valium pills and the pistol, not what had been previously reported as him carrying them at the time of his death.  He had also been arrested in 2003 on a charge of criminal mischief.  The police state that his mental health became worse after his grandfather died in 2013 and it seemed that he was acting out more often.  His parents, Patricia and John, 66, divorced many years ago and his only sibling, Robert, died in 1997.  The police added that there had been no prior history of domestic problems between Derek and his mother.  We probably will never know what exactly triggered such a violent end to both of them.

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