Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the run.......

"I believe an innocent person doesn't run," stated a close family relative.

An explosion and fire on March 24 2014 destroyed the home on 210 Mooresville Rd in Manchester NH and when the fire was extinguished, two bodies were discovered.  Robert Dion, 71 and his wife Constance, 67, were found in the basement of the home but the fire had not killed them.  Missing from the wreckage of the home was their son Matthew, 38, his fiancee and his fiancee's teenaged son.

Robert and Constance have been described as a very happy couple who enjoyed the company of their friends.  Robert, known by most as Bob, was an avid stamp collector and had been the postmaster of the North Salem post office until his retirement in 2003.  He also had bowled in a coed bowling league for years.  Constance was an avid seamstress and quilter and very well liked by her friends.  Friends stated that the couple had been enjoying life after Bob's retirement and often traveled to locations in New England and Canada.

The Dion's had lived in the home for about 40 years and were believed at first to be on vacation in Lincoln.  Matt had moved back in with his parents after suffering an injury several years before and has suffered from a long period of unemployment before moving in.

Michael Focosi,17, the teenaged boy living at the house stated that he had received a text from Matthew at 2:42 pm on the day of the fire that said that he was running late for work but he had not heard from him afterwards.  He added that he thought that no one was supposed to be at the house at the time of the fire since he believed that the Dion's were on vacation.  His mother, Pam Focosi, Matthew's fiancee, was at the scene later that evening and was interviewed by investigators.

Kathy Burtram had reported the fire to 911 after she had driven by the home and saw smoke.  There were a couple of small explosions while she was reporting the fire.  Fire officials believe that they had been caused by a flash-over from the fire since the home did not have natural gas or propane connected to the home.  The explosion blew the home about a foot off it's foundation as well as taking out all of the lower level windows.     The fire marshalls did not know if the home had been broken into or if an accelerant had been used to start the fire.  They did know at that time that Bob had an extensive stamp collection and Connie had a large jewelry collection, so robbery could have been a motive.

Relative's of the Dion's stated that they knew that the couple were the pair that had died in the fire.  They noted that both of the Dion's cars were missing but if they were alive, they would have contacted family to let them know.  The police originally sought to talk to Matthew, who the Dion's had adopted as an infant, as a person of interest in the investigation.  That soon charged after the autopsies showed that the Dion's had been strangled with a wire and died within minutes.  They concluded that the fire was arson and probably had been done to cover up the crime.

On April 4 2014, an arrest warrant was issued for Matthew Dion for three counts of possession of child pornography.  Matthew had not been seen since the day of the fire at his parents home and police had not been able to contact him either.  The investigation into the Dion's death was still ongoing and police wanted to question him about it as a person of interest.  They did discover evidence of the child pornography on his computer while they were shifting through evidence that remained at the damaged home.

On May 1 2014, The American Stamp Dealers Association released an alert that detailed the stamps that were missing from the Dion residence.  A source that knew Bob Dion had contacted Linn's Stamp News and described that stamp collections that had been stolen.  Bob was primarily a collector of modern US stamps as well as Manchester NH local history.  The alert describes 30 white plastic notebooks with matching names on the spines and covers, six to eight black notebooks labeled Mint US, used US etc and an additional six notebooks labeled #704 to current which is believed to be US material beginning with the Washington Bicentennial.  One other collection pertains to wine stamps and includes wine revenues.

On September 23 2014, Federal marshals in Florida announced that they had solid proof that the sightings of Matthew in the Tampa-St Petersburg FL were real.  There had been several reports of Matthew since March but it wasn't until he recently pawned an item that New Hampshire police knew that he was in the area.  He had evidently been living in the Crescent Lake area of St Petersburg under an assumed name and police were warning residents that they had evidence in his abandoned car that that led them to warn the neighborhood.  They had found a map in the car that had addresses marked on it as well as notes about individual families.

The woman who he had been living with since March reported that recently, she had money go missing from her bank account.  It was two weeks ago that he stole a .38 caliber handgun from her residence as well as her car.  Matthew is believed to be driving a 2013 silver, four door Hyundai Elantra with Florida tag G673WH and he may still be in the Tampa-St Petersburg area or in the Atlanta GA area.  He is described as armed and dangerous and police are warning the public to report sightings of him but not to attempt to stop him.

He may also have changed his appearance since the recent reports of his sighting.  The police stated that he is intelligent and very tech savvy with computers.  He is very familiar with the southeastern region of the US, especially Florida and the Atlanta GA areas.  He has been known to live out of his car if needed as well as change plates on cars to avoid detection.  The reward for information leading to his capture has been doubled through a donation from Metlife which is the insurer for the Dion estate.

Maybe the net is finally closing in on Matthew Dion............ he needs to answer for the charges against him and especially for his parents deaths.

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