Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's a whole new year.......

It would seem that a few people wanted to send off 2007 with a moment to really remember, although, they may not want to really remember it in the coming months. In fact, both of the recent participants in the news-worthy exploits are unidentified.

On a ranch just north of Phoenix AZ, Monday evening, a 75 year-old man decided to saddle up and possibly ride into the new year on his family pet. He did get to ride, just not around the acreage. He was flown to a Scottsdale hospital after the "incident" in rural Cave Creek with non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities state that he saddled up his pet buffalo for a ride but was bucked off and then mauled. They added that people do have buffalos on their property but it is rather rare and more rare to be called to a riding accident involving one. They didn't state though, whether he had made it to the 10 second buzzer on his ride.

The other, "creative" rider was out in Paw Paw Township MI on Monday night. She evidently ran a stop sign and hit a cable supporting a utility pole with her truck. That seems to have caused the pole to become unsupported and it fell along with the wires attached to it.

That wasn't enough to stop the driver, as she was reported to have backed up into the roadway again and continued driving. It is easy enough to understand that if it were just a minor scratch and dent kind of accident. This wasn't the case though, according to Trooper Rick Carlson. She didn't stop until she was forced to stop........ by the flames that had engulfed the truck.

Carlson reported that an ambulence did manage to catch up to her and she was taken to the hospital for burns to her hands and head. Her pug also was burned in the accident but will survive. No word had been released as to how far she drove as a flaming beacon in the night but I am betting that it was easier to spot for the ambulence crew.

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