Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do I get a cookie?

It seems that someone was a bit excited in the group hunting with James Harris, 37, in Tama Iowa recently. They were out pheasent hunting when one of the group shot a bird.

Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources state that Harris was the one who went to retrieve the fallen bird. They stated that Harris set down his gun on the ground and crossed a fence. That is when the hunting dogs stepped on the gun and it fired.
Harris was hit in the lower left leg and was taken to Grinnell Medical Center and later was transfered to University Hospitals in Iowa City. His condition was not released and they added that an investigation is continuing.

Evidently, one of the dogs must have though that it was now their turn to shoot since Harris was doing what I thought was the job of the dogs..... retrieving. It is possible though that the dogs had gone to Cheney's school of good ole boy hunting recently.

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