Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nice shootin'

The .45 caliber handgun discharged Tuesday October 30 2007 in a small cubicle in a Fort Worth TX insurance company. According to the Brett McGuire, the Fort Worth police chief, the unidentified man must have done something to the gun to make it fire.

Fortunately, he hadn't brought the gun to work in his jacket pocket because of a problem with his boss or co workers they believe. It is also fortunate that no one else was hit by the errant bullet, no one except the gun owner.

It's reported that he draped his coat over the back of his chair and then settled into it. At that point, it fired and the bullet passed through both of his legs, a bookcase and then lodged in the wall of a cubicle. McGuire stated that the department had no record of the man being licensed to carry a concealed weapon but that they would wait until he had recovered before investigating whether he will be charged.

It doesn't seem too difficult to me.... it's Texas, I thought everyone carries a gun there and as for shooting himself, at least he was lucky that Dick Cheney wasn't in the next cubicle to fire back at him. As for "doing something" to the gun, I thought that was called pulling the trigger.

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