Saturday, November 17, 2007

Now you noticed?

It seems that when the news broke that Michael Jackson had defaulted on a $23 million loan that secured his Neverland Ranch on October 26 2007, something made him realize he needed a few extra bucks in the bank. Despite what has been stated since though, that loan is still in default at last report.

Jackson reportedly has been out beating the sidewalk for new financing though. Evidently he and his lawyer, Peter Lopez have been meeting with various executives in an attempt to find a new way of restarting his career. Sources have stated that they have spoken with the ultra private and luxurious chinese eatery Mr K's on Lexington Ave NYC, NY.

At those meetings it is reported that Jackson was interested in working with Starbucks' Hear Music, mostly because no other regular record company will touch him with a ten-foot pole these days. Surprisingly during those talks, Jackson name dropped several celebrities as his "friends", many of whom would be more than surprised that he considered them that it seems. One such person named was Paul McCarthy, who publically still despises Jackson for buying out the Beatles song catalog from over 20 years ago.

The reports of his much, okay maybe anticipated, 25th anniversary "Thriller" album may change as well since reports are now circulating that Jackson is thinking of using the tracks done by other producers so far as the basis for a new album. To add to the financial mix, Prince Abdulla of Bahrain, the quaint little hide-out Jackson ran to after his US Neverland scandal, reportedly is planning to sue Jackson for $7 million for the two albums he claims he already paid Jackson for.

It has been a very long time since Jackson has put out anything musically so I find it difficult to say that his "career" is floundering. My suggestion to Michael......... stop the globe-hopping in make-up and get a real job like the rest of us. It seems to work for most when they have to pay the bills.

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