Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wile E Coyote

The 42 year-old man in Colfax Township MI told Undersheriff Rory Heckman that he wass out to shoot coyotes near his home. Evidently, he must have begun to believe the cartoons because he did shoot something that Saturday, quite possibly a coyote in disguise.

The undersheriff doesn't quite believe though, how someone could confuse a 25 to 45 pound coyote with a 1,400 pregnant cow. That is the man's story and he is still sticking to it but even the cow's owned doubts the shooter made such a mistake.

It seems that his cow, Hannah, had wandered away from his farm and the "hunter" who was illegally aiming for a coyote in deer season, bagged her. As difficult as it is to mistake the two animals, I would think, as many others I am sure have, when you are trying to drag it back home....... he knew then it was a cow.

Hannah's owner DeAnn Mosher stated that her husband felt that the shooter needed some kind of therepy. She added that it didn't make sense to be confused so possibly he needed to be repeatedly shown pictures of cows and coyotes to learn the difference.

I remember those cartoons and heck, maybe the coyote was in disguise or it was a trojan cow loaded with coyotes?

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