Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It looked easy......

It wasn't his first run-in with the law that weekend but their last call about him has now led to one of their strangest investigations. The deputies in St Johns County FL first found Charles Tucker Jr , 32, slumped at the wheel of his car on Friday November 9 2007 and he was taken to Flagler Hospital, where he was released. Saturday morning, he wasn't that lucky.

Tucker reportedly had been kicked out of his girlfriend's home and what seems to be his plan to get back into the locked home led to his death. Several hours after she had told him to leave, she called 911 to report that she had found him stuck in her cat door. When officers arrived about four minutes later, they found that he was already dead.

His friend, Will Elliot, who lives down the street from the girlfriend's house stated that he thinks Tucker was trying to reach inside to unlock the door. He described Tucker as a big man, far too big to have thought that he could have fit through the cat door. He added that he had been told that Tucker had one arm and his head through the door and was caught in it like he was trying to reach up to the lock. Elliot speculates that maybe Tucker had just passed out while he was stuck since the girlfriend would have heard him struggling otherwise.

The cause of Tucker's death has not been released yet and the door he had been stuck in has been removed. Tucker may have been better off if he could have convinced the cat to go through the door and unlock it for him it seems.

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