Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If found..... please return to......

"The clean-up crew thought the bags looked suspicious so they turned them over the Florida Highway Patrol," stated L E Coggins, FHP spokesman.

On Tuesday November 27 2007, the crew working on I-4 near McIntosh Rd, about 70 miles west of Orlando, came across two large plastic bags. They weren't filled with body parts or household trash but they were filled....... with about 60 pounds of marijuana. The FHP estimates the 60 pounds of recently cut plants to be worth approximately $54,000. They think that the bags either were tossed along the roadside or fell out of a passing vehicle.

In their press release, the FHP is trying to be as helpful as possible....... they have requested that anyone who may have information as to how the bags got there or anyone missing their bags of pot, please contact them at the Florida Highway Patrol 813 631 4020.

They have even posted a photo of the bags to make their identification by their owners, easier. In a case like that, maybe luggage tags attached to pot you are transporting would make it easier for everyone when they are found.

Tuesday seemed to be the busy day for pot identifications in Florida as well. Several tips led the Orlando police working with the Metro Bureau of Investigation to rental property in Orange County FL that night. In two buildings on the rental property in the 14800 block on Hidden Trail Rd, police found what they called a "grow house."

They found approximately 30 small plants in a shed there and another 15 in an abandoned house on the property. They added that they found another 100 pounds of recently harvested marijuana in the process of drying there.

While there were several people on the property at the time, only Pedro Ernesto Tomas, 37, was arrested. He was charged with growing marijuana and trafficking, both felonies. Tomas was later booked into the Orange County Jail.

One would only hope that it wasn't Tomas's pot that wandered away and was found on the roadside but it seems, either way, someone is having to declare a loss of profits.

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