Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going postal....not

"Mr. Snider stepped over the line of being an avid gun collector when he allegedly began manufacturing various bombs and explosive devices," stated Sgt Dan Dulin, DNR conservation officer.

It seems that when a Department of Natural Resources officer who was investigating a report of poaching in Cutler Ind, heard a gunshot, it wasn't poaching he discovered. What the DNR officers found at the rural Carroll County property left two of the nine people there in handcuffs.

A search of Jessie Snider's, 27, home and barn revealed 25 guns, 5,900 rounds of ammunition, a can of the explosive C-4, materials for building bombs and an indoor marijuana growing operation. Sgt Dulin also stated that the officers found numerous pieces of anti-government showing Snider's belief that the Sept 11, 2001 attacks were organized by the United States government. He added that Snider, a postal worker in Lafayette and a U S Army veteran, may have taken many of the items in his residence illegally from the U S military including pieces of body armor and a thermal sight imager designed for a TOW missile.

Only Snider and Justin Erdie, 28, were arrested that evening according to authorities. Snider was charged with felony gun and drug charges while Erdie was arrested on drug charges. The authorities had no information available as to what was intended to be done with the weapons or bomb-making supplies at this time.

It would seem to me that it is almost irrelevant that Snider is a postal worker and more important that he is a military veteran who may have been trained to use the materials he had on his property. His arrest does show though that there are still plenty of home-grown terrorists or sadly confused individuals living in our own backyards.

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