Thursday, November 22, 2007

I wasn't that far.......

It began almost 2 and 1/2 years ago for the Bowman family in Diamond MO when they picked out an 8 week old puppy at a friend's home. He had impressed Misty Bowman because he was so friendly and not aggressive. Her husband Rob named him Happy because he always looked like he was smiling.

Happy evidently led a happy life roaming their 160 acre ranch until about seven months ago when he vanished. Misty stated that her family, including Codey, 14, and Chase, 9, rode four-wheelers around the property looking for him, put up lost dog posters and went door-to-door asking for information about him.

"Eventually we came to the assumption that he was gone, we though he got run over," stated Misty.
It seems though that Happy hadn't met with death on the road, he was taken in by a family and named Radar because of his ability to find his way around things. He showed that talent when he showed up again at the door of veterinarian Steve Walstad's Joplin MO office after running away. Radar had been boarded and neutered there when his adoptive family went out of town last month.

His new family had been considering finding Radar a new home but Steve decided to keep the dog. That was how he ended up in the newspaper and how Misty spotted their lost dog Happy. Misty marveled at how a dog who they had lost for good would end up right nearby in Joplin and in the newspaper. She called Steve and explained the situation, telling him that the children didn't know Happy was alive and he was welcome to keep him.

Walstad though felt that Happy belonged back with his family and sent him on home woth Misty Monday, November 19 2007. Misty reported that Happy knew where he was as they got close to the house and got all excited.

I bet that he did since his seven month trip took him for enough excitement to last him a long time.

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