Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's safer in the bank

If the bank employee in Clearwater SC had agreed to open an account for Alexander D Smith, 31, of Augusta GA on Monday November 26 2007, they probably would have been fired. Smith though didn't take the refusal lightly and began to curse the bank employees.

It was then that they called the police and after they arrived, Smith was charged with disorderly conduct and forgery. It seems that Smith had tried to open his account with a million dollar bill, something the federal government has never printed before for use.

A second forgery charge was added when police found that Smith had purchased fraudulently purchased several cartons of cigarettes from a nearby grocery store. At least he hadn't tried to use the fake million dollar bill there but using a stolen check wasn't exactly the best choice either.

It seems that every year brings along those few people who think no one will be the wiser to their having a million dollar bill on hand, for those quick impulse purchases.

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