Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snail mail..?

On Tuesday, November 13 2007, Denny Robinson, 31, was delivering mail along a postal route in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood. Evidently, one of his customers felt that delivering mail at around 6:30 pm wasn't the best of service available.

Wanda Shipp of the U S Postal Inspector Service stated that Robinson was delivering mail after the normal 5 pm quitting time because the day before had been a holiday and the mail was heavier than normal. Authorities stated that they heard someone yelling at the carrier for delivering the mail too late and then heard a shot. They added that no one could pinpoint where the shot had come from though.

Robinson was hit in the thigh by the shot and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of the non-life threatening injury. Police are still looking for the shooter.

I'm sure that Robinson wasn't too concerned about being delivering mail and getting overtime for it as well but I'm sure that he didn't plan on dealing with the "old west" either. His angry customer may just have felt that his dancing a bit with bullets would motivate him to move quicker.

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