Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Serve and protect who?


The police department knew what they had and they covered for him. They created a monster," stated Patricia Vargas.

Patricia Vargas was arrested along with Detective James Calderon on Friday November 16 2007 on charges that they had run a drug pipeline from Bronx NY to Virginia. The married mother of four has denied her involvement with the dope ring stating that she knew nothing about Calderon's involvement with reputed Bronx druglords Luis and Jorge Mendoza. She did state though that he was a chronic drunk who showed up for NYPD duty drunk and had been in rehab five times.

Vargas, a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in Manhatten, had met Calderon, 40, in October 2002 at a Bronx seafood place. She stated that he was drunk, complimented her body and he was cute. They started a torrid affair even though both were married at the time, sneaking off to a hotel twice a week when her husband was at work. Calderon's wife found out he was cheating on her and notified his superiors. Vargas herself broke up with him a year ago, after reporting his abuse and drinking to his superiors.

Police sources did confirm that Calderon had been transferred from the Bronx narcotics squad to the Bronx criminal courts while his alcohol abuse is investigated. They added that he had been with the force since 1994 but declined to comment on Vargas' claim that he had been sent to rehab five times and had been placed on modified duty numerous times.

The prosecutors claim that detectives first came across the drug ring when Calderon tried to get a stolen minivan that had been impounded, released to him. Police later had found a kilo of heroin stashed in the van. Vargas in the meantime, claims she didn't know a thing about the drugs but added that she had once been to dinner at the Montezuma Mexican restaurant in the Bronx when Calderon met with the Mendozas. He also had taken her on a trip to Virginia and then left her alone in the hotel room for five hours when he went to "see his ex wife" she claims.

The NYPD had better hope that her claims aren't true because if they are, not only did they have a chronic drunk working both sides of the drug war........ but a drunk out on the streets, armed and making arrests. They may well have to do a lot of explaining as to how they allowed an officer like that to stay out on the streets working instead of driving a desk indoors.

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