Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heros come in all sizes

At approximately 5 am Friday November 16 2007, the alarm was raised that an Oak Hill FL home was on fire. Four generations of one family managed to escape the flames but the one who raised the alarm did not.

Ethel Wood, 73 lived with her son Bobby Wood, 47, and his daughter Cassidy Wood, 20 and Cassidy's daughter, 6 month old Nevaeh Hartwhigh on Sargent Ave. Their 7 year old labrador mix dog Kesha had begun barking and jumping against the door when the fire started and Bobby's mother woke up to the noise. She stated that when she opened the door, she could see flames and then ran to warn her family.

The fire started in a back room it seems but it wasn't long before the entire house was engulfed in flames. Cassidy stated that it was just like in the movies with the door that connects the kitchen to the family room burst into flames and windows began to blow out. She grabbed her daughter and fled the home safely though.

Bobby ran back into the house in an attempt to save the family pets and found only Pooh, a 1 year old chihuahua hiding under a bed. He was unable to find Kesha who was later found dead beneath a table near the laundry room.

Investigators with the State Fire Marshall's Office collected samples to send to for analysis because they believe that is may be a case of arson. The fire looks to have begun at the side entrance of the single-story wooden home and have added that a fire just doesn't begin where this one did, all by itself. They also stated that there were no accidental causes that could have started the fire there.

As tragic as losing ones home to arson is, Bobby Woods mourns the loss of their hero dog. He stated that she had saved their lives and unfortunately, he couldn't save hers.

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