Friday, November 30, 2007

Wait.... send them back

It seems that the DMV in New York has suddenly changed their mind when it comes to Arno Herwerth, 42. He had requested vanity plates for his car and was issued the ones he requested on November 2 2007.

Herwerth, a 21 year veteran of the NYPD had asked for the plates to keep the memory of Sept 11 and the need for bin Laden, the man accused of orchestrating it to be captured and held accountable for it. The DMV sent him the plates he requested which are "GETOSAMA." He was surprised though to receive a letter from the DMV on November 15 which returned his old generic plates and demanded he return the new ones. The DMV cited a regulation that prohibited plates that could be considered "obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic group or patently offensive."

"What is unique is that this message does reflect the policies of the present administration," stated Tara Keenan-Thomson.

Herwerth's attorney is seeking an injunction to prevent the New York DMV from revoking the "GETOSAMA" plates and stated that they are patriotic because they reflect the U S support in the war on terrorism. Keenan-Thomson, the executive director of the Nassau County of the New York Civil Liberties Union stated that she is aware that the DMV has denied plates because of offensive messages. She added that she is not sure why GETOSAMA has been interpreted negatively by the state officials. Keenan-Thomson stated that when the word offensive is used in describing a political view, it is encroaching on individual rights to free speech.

Ken Brown, the state DMV spokesman stated that the plates didn't meet regulation standards and that issuing them would be inappropriate. Sadly Mr Brown seems to have missed one point right off the bat......... they issued them already, so someone had already approved them in the DMV. Demanding that they now be returned because they are "offensive" when they state the same sentiment that comes from the oval office is contradictory in the very least.

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