Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beware the "Pumpkin Man" ?

In June 2007, David Cobb, 71, was released from a state prison in NH. He had finished serving the eleven year sentence he had received and has moved to Cape Cod.

Cobb was an English teacher at the prep school, Philips Academy in Andover MA, for 30 years, until his arrest in 1995 in Framington NH. He had been arrested for possessing hundreds of child-pornography images and attempting to assault a young boy. He is best known as the "Pumpkin Man" because of the pumpkin mask he wore while soliciting children.

He was convicted of attempted sexual assault on a twelve year-old boy and for possessing hundreds of images of child pornogrphy. He has now moved to Dennis MA and is registered as a sex offender as required by the state.

I can only hope that the combination of his advanced age and years in prison will prevent Cobb from relapsing. The recent arrests worldwide for child pornography, have shown how widespread it is and how the threat of prison doesn't seem to prevent these animals from continuing to be a part in abuse of child. It wouldn't surprize me if the "Pumpkin Man" returns.

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