Sunday, July 15, 2007

You were heading my way.... I think

Recently, police officers in the Dutch city of Alkmaar felt a great need to pull over one car they spotted. It seems that one of their passengers was the cause for their concern.

When the driver and his wife were stopped they remarked to the officer that they had heard a bit of a strange noise when they had earlier traffic light. They didn't realize that they had taken on an extra passenger.

Their 26 year-old passenger who had joined their ride was fined for providing a false identity to the police, not carrying an identity card and public drunkenness. It would seem, hitching a ride on a bike that is on a car rooftop isn't quite a smart idea even if they were going your way. It sort of makes me wonder, how the heck did he get there, apparently unnoticed and was he under the impression that he should pedal to assist in the ride home?

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