Friday, July 27, 2007

I just really need a ride....

About 5 am, July 16 2007, a uniformed officer spotted Joseph Sutton walking along Malabar Rd, Palm Bay FL. It isn't known why Sutton, 26, begged the officer for a ride, but he got more than the ride he thought he would.

"Apparently he was desperate for a ride," stated Sgt. Tim Landers, of the Palm Bay Police Department.

The officer offered to give him a ride home but he informed Sutton that he had to have a pat down search before he could get in the patrol car. It was then that the officer found marijuana on his person. It sems that now that Sutton faced a possession charge, he volunteered the location of the source of it. He admitted that he had gotten it in the woods near the intersection of Fogarty and Angora streets Landers said.

They took him to his home and found six marijuana plants out in the woods there. Those plants were removed after a thorough search and Sutton got an extension on his free ride. He was arrested and taken to the Brevard County Jail in Sharpes. He was charged with cultivation of a controlled substance and possession of cannabis.

I would hope that he will think a little more clearly next time he feels the urge to beg for a ride home.

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